Mainstream Media & Misspeaking

Imagine what would have happened if President Bush announced last week that 2,750,000 people (one-tenth of the nation’s population) had died in the fighting in Iraq in one day during the war on terrorism. That extent of carnage when extrapolated over the four years since the invasion in 2003 would surely mean that there was no one left. The president, who is always vilified in the mainstream media for mispronouncing “nuclear” (probably on purpose by now just to stiff his nemeses), would be excoriated by the pundits and talking-heads for being too ignorant to hold office and therefore would call on Congress for immediate impeachment and conviction…then consignment to the nearest booby-hatch.

Consider: President wannabe Senator Barack Obama said in a stirring speech in Richmond, Virginia, the other day that 10,000 people died in a tornado that hit Greensburg, Kansas the day before. At that time, only 12 had been confirmed dead in a town of some 1,500 people. Folks would have had to reserve every bus in the state in order to transport enough people to Greensburg for 10,000 of them to be blown away…that is, if anyone had known the tornado was to happen. At least a couple days notice would have been necessary to make all the arrangements. If Obama had been president last week and his calculations (or miscalculations) had been used, he would have said that 2,750,000 people had died in Iraq in one day.

Okay…Obama was nowhere near Kansas, has to depend on gofers to get both information and misinformation – both needed at various times for different reasons determined by a necessary spin on a specific subject – hadn’t bothered to check something that a high school sophomore would have suspected to be erroneous, and probably didn’t even realize the mistake, much less the enormity of it. According to the NOAA National Weather Service, during the 50-year period 1950-1999 a total of 4,460 people died because of tornados in this entire country, but Obama thought and said 10,000 died in one day. What price has he paid – zilch? Of course. Anyone who makes a mistake that outrageous about something happening in his own country, especially in this day of instant communication, is just considered by the media as having a bad day…especially if he happens to be a democrat.

Or, take the case of Senator Clinton. In conjunction with her current effort as a prez wannabe, her book It Takes a Village came out in a myriad of reprints. Imagine what would happen if a republican wannabe expressed the idea that it actually does take a village to raise a child. He/she would immediately be branded as a socialist or a communist since in those ideologies is the insistence that the state should raise the children while the parents do more useful work. This was Hitler’s idea, too, so throw in the anarchist or fascist – or whatever Hitler was, besides crazy – as the republican’s model. Does the mainstream media consider Senator Clinton to be a devotee to those un-American concepts of government responsibilities? Of course not! Like Obama, she’s a darling of the Michael Moore gang and the freaks that run for Soros…the Hollywood crowd that lives in la-la-land, the land of make-believe.

What would happen if the president’s press honcho Tony Snow should inform the gang of reporters/pundits/talking-heads and other propagandists of the media at his next news conference that the president of CBS lied on his resume and that he actually didn’t get beyond the sixth-grade, in which he spent five years at that? Snow’s head would have been demanded by the mainstreamers (hopefully not on a platter, like that of John the Baptist) and he would have been accused of the worst sort of slander…and justifiably. He would have been laughed to scorn, blackballed throughout the information industry, and never heard from again.

Flash back to 2004 in the final months just before the presidential election. Dan Rather, the golden boy at CBS, announced to the world that George Bush had been given favors by Texas Air National Guard honchos and that his military record was somehow not complete or erroneous and that the president was therefore not truthful and certainly not up to being president of the nation. He even produced documents to prove these charges, thus making CBS’s democrat-driven agenda rock-solid-hard in insisting that Bush was a liar and worse. The problem: lies and forgeries. Rather didn’t produce news. He produced a hoax of immense proportions.

What happened to Rather at CBS? Nothing, for quite a long time. A few heads rolled, but not his…at least not until it was abundantly obvious to CBS, thoroughly discredited by the whole sordid affair, that he had to go. Has Rather disappeared from sight for having produced a lie as outrageous as can be imagined? Of course not…at least not in the mainstream media, in which he continues to do interviews and, if memory serves, is still on the CBS payroll to do things of a special nature. He is still considered an expert and palmed off on the public as reliable. Not surprising…but weird!

Of course, there’s Howard Fineman of Newsweek. He managed to lie that American GIs had flushed Korans down toilets at Guantanamo a couple years or so ago, causing a bunch of Muslims around the world to commit hara-kiri in protest. Where’s Fineman today? He’s Newsweek’s chief political analyst. Fineman regularly offers his political analysis on various NBC franchises. Notwithstanding his contriving an incredible hoax, Fineman remains a darling of the mainstream media. Is it any wonder that this media has virtually no credibility?