Morally in the Tank

The current time-frame in the U.S. might be called the “Southward Era,” as in devolving downward (in jargon only) when applied to U.S. culture, which is becoming cruder and more perverted in enhanced acceleration, its mores being shredded at warp speed. The nation, besides suffering under poor governance, is also experiencing a moral emergency, with the government aiding and abetting – if not causing – this societal decline.

Religion (including religious practices…or malpractices) is also an important matter, as behaviors particularly condemned in scripture are virtually glorified under the rubric of political correctness, even in churches/denominations. While it's a fool's errand to make substantive predictions concerning the end of it all, as some ministers do, one has to wonder just how long the nation – established “under God” – will survive.

The Supreme Court has deliberated and heaved out a ruling that in the Constitution can be found the right for two men to be wed. The Court is made up of three Jews and six Catholics, all from Yale or Harvard concerning education or lunacy (take your pick). Four Catholics voted against this “landmark ruling” – Egad! – with three Jews and two Catholics in favor Constitutionally of homosexuals tying the knot.

These five “enlightened” justices probably never gave a thought to the fact that something as weird as two men getting married, with neither one of them physically prepared to be a mother, ever occurred to the founders. They knew about homosexual behavior, were thoroughly disgusted by it, one presumes, and considered marriage as only between a man and woman. They knew this as both biologically and scripturally mandated, thus pondered within that context as they structured the nation. Undoubtedly, their test for marriage would have turned on whether or not children would be possible.

It's strange that the 14th Amendment regarding abridgment of privileges and immunities should be an argument for disallowing states to define marriage, but not an argument for states or any government defining anything else such as proof of identity for voting or the amount of alcohol necessary for DUI conviction or alcohol-purchasing-age or crime-definitions/penalties, all of which represent abridgments.

It's instructive to note that Justice Kennedy made much of the element of love, fidelity, sacrifice, etc., in writing the ruling, but laws are neither made nor upheld on the basis of emotions, something the founders knew instinctively; otherwise, murder would be okay if a perpetrator found that to be emotionally fulfilling, like Dahmer, for instance. In codifying same-sex marriage, Kennedy degraded marriage (natural family) and trivialized its importance as the basic unit in the societal fabric.

Morally, the nation is in the tank.


The measure of a nation can be wrought
By judging its morality, its thought...
One wonders what the measure would be now
If current U.S. judged anent the vow
Of founders for pursuit of happiness,
For life and liberty without duress
From oligarchic nimrods zealously
Perverting what was planned religiously.

The nation stands upon the cusp today
Of floundering about in gross decay
Because of morals slouched in disarray,
Its leadership too stupid, weak to pay
Attention to perversions ill-acclaimed,
Pay homage to the crudeness that defamed
The ancients...then through centuries till now
Brought down empires strong men would disavow.

Five people with collective intellect
Approaching zero could just interject
Into the law that men may marry men
And codify what Nature must condemn,
Their imprimatur on degrading acts
That thinking people know in time exacts
A retribution – Nature's own revenge,
Its plan for stream of life to thus avenge.

Executive an accident in place,
With lack of preparation a disgrace,
Obsessed always incredibly with race,
Speech-making most days firming up his base;
A Congress firmly deadlocked in its greed
Collectively itself thus to succeed,
The population mired incessantly
In something called the great diversity
Which by its own defining schism brings,
Sets groups against each other in all things.

The measure of this nation being wrought
Must be that sadly, surely it is fraught
With social ills that if not quickly healed
Will sicken it until its death is sealed,
And Nature, blasphemed by the populace
That tolerates this wanton, vile disgrace,
Will not be pressed to see itself revenged –
Oh no....just watch and see its plans avenged.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark