An Emperor with No Clothes?

During the Obama rule, the long-of-tooth have watched the United States of America morph into the United States of Monarchy, which is defined as “undivided rule or absolute sovereignty by a single person.” Most strikingly, this metamorphosis has happened because the nation is currently damned by a feckless Congress too timid to handle its responsibility as the “third leg of the governmental stool.” Most likely, the main reason has to do with being called “racist” if one seriously questions the ruler.

The prez set the stage (July 2009) soon after his first inauguration when, without knowing any facts of a matter, he, exhibiting monarchical elitism/arrogance, accused a white policeman of “acting stupidly.” If he was unhappy, he could have contacted the Cambridge police chief but chose instead to make an issue of the matter in letting the hoi polloi know who was boss.

Before that, he had announced that he would close Gitmo, but Gitmo remains. The Congress deserves some credit since it turned the prez around on that one. He learned then to use executive orders (unilateral governance/bypassing Congress) to get his agenda in place whenever possible. In March 2009, the ruler took over General Motors and Chrysler and using tax monies led both into bankruptcy, wiping out the shareholders. Chrysler was sold to Fiat. In that deal, the U.S. lost $1 billion. Taxpayers likely will not recoup the federal funds shot on GM, either.

In 2009, King Barack won the Nobel Peace Prize, mostly because he had proved uber-monarchical status by sticking Congress in the eye. About the same time, he went to Stockholm to be THE MOST POWERFUL MONARCH there by announcing the potential end of the world through manmade global warming only to discover that his subject was a complete hoax, as it is today. The perpetrators of the hoax (Gore’s inconvenient truth) condemned themselves account having little enough sense to explain their perfidy through e-mails.

In January 2011, the prez spoke at a memorial service in Tucson and used the occasion to unofficially kickoff his kingship-run for 2012. Had them in the aisles! The king then began to show inordinate power by informing other heads of state that they had to give up their positions and turn their countries over to the rabble, like the Muslim Brotherhood. The various rabbles thought he meant he was sending in the Marines to do the deed but didn’t understand monarchical lying, so they languish. Syria’s Assad just laughed, and he’s still laughing.

King Barack in March 2011 realized that he hadn’t proved his mettle by winning a war, something any despot worth the name must do. The troops he needed were languishing (and dying for no reason) in Afghanistan so he looked around for a country weak enough to overcome in what he said would be days, not weeks. He found one—Libya—but knew the Congress (necessary to declare war) would never go along since Libya posed no threat to any country.

So…the king didn’t bother with Congress, and the Congress was too weak or working so hard on campaigning that the Constitution meant nothing to it, either. King Barack Hussein twisted NATO’s arm for some help since not a drop of U.S. or NATO’s blood could be risked and the U.S. and NATO (mostly just the king—the others ran out ammo) simply bombed the bejesus out of Libya for seven long and bloody months, killing women, children, demolishing buildings—a sort of Muslim-like operation, maybe the king’s pet method, too.

Libya’s population was 2 million less than that of New York City and it had 76,000 troops compared to the king’s 1.6 million. Just Britain, France and Germany boasted another 664,100 boots, comprising a force of 2.2 million troops to overcome wicked, powerful Qaddafi, who was fighting al Qaeda in his country at the time. Now, thanks to the king and NATO, al Qaeda virtually owns Libya.

Oh yes…Obamacare! The king ruled that the monarchy should rule everyone’s health matters, including the end of them. He’s ruled which parts will be in force and which will not (illegal except for kings). Congress-people (okay, just democrats), trying to get home for Christmas in 2010, passed Obamacare on a technicality without even bothering to read the huge legislation. They’re finding out now in spades that the program is in a shambles and insurance companies are canceling policies by the thousands in anticipation of a huge windfall from King Barack’s treasures, mostly borrowed from China, a perpetual mortgage on his subjects, a gift to Wall Street friends.

Result: the emperor seems to have no clothes.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark