Millions More Movement - FARCE

In October 1995, Louis Farrakhan, the highest-profile Muslim in the United States then and now, instigated the MILLION MAN MARCH, designed as a rally, not actually a march, for African-American men (only) and held on the Mall in Washington. On October 15, the tenth anniversary of that effort will be observed by another Farrakhan-organized rally for the same location and named the MILLIONS MORE MOVEMENT. According to the National Park Service, the event of 1995 was attended by 400,000, although other “counting agencies” disagreed, though it seemed clear then that the count of a million was inaccurate, not that it matters. The response was significant and would have been if only 250,000 men and their sons had taken part. Since 1995, there have been other marches, such as the Million Woman March, the Million Mothers March, and the Million Youth March.

The 1995 observance was supposed to enhance the importance of black men taking their responsibility seriously, especially including the rearing of their children, with all the inherent ramifications having to do with material, educational, spiritual, and civic matters. At that time, 69.9% of all African-American babies were born illegitimately, i.e., with no documented father. There was an obvious need for something to be done, since the children were growing up to suffer educationally and morally, with numbers all out of proportion to the black percentage of the total population winding up in the criminal justice system. By 2002, the illegitimacy rate was 68.2%, relatively unchanged from that of 1995, and today the rate of illegitimate black births is said to be about 70%.

The problem in the black community is illegitimacy, though the papers may paint it as one of poverty – a good example of yellow journalism. According to the summer 2005 edition of City Journal, a respected urban-policy magazine, it was noted that in 1965 the illegitimacy rate among blacks stood at between 25% and 28%, but that by 1980 it had more than doubled to 56% (66% in New York City). For whites in 1980, it stood at 9%. Presently, the rate for white illegitimacy has zoomed to 28.5% (2002), an increase from 1970 (5.5% then) of an astonishing 418%, meaning that welfare rolls among whites are exploding, too, as they have among blacks for years, since it has been well proven that families without documented fathers are likely to be poor and therefore on the public dole. To get it right, the media should not say that poverty causes illegitimacy, but that it’s the damnable illegitimacy that causes poverty. Surely no reasonable person believes that poverty has driven white women to shack-up. Just the opposite is true. Shacking-up has driven poverty-levels upward. The old stud in both races is off the hook, not responsible for his bastard offspring…unless, of course, the woman can afford to get a lawyer and go down the DNA trail. Rainbow/Push Coalition head honcho Jesse Jackson knows something about this, his palimony problems, as well as the misuse of his organization’s funds to handle them, being a matter of public record.

What can be expected in the MILLIONS MORE MOVEMENT bash on the Mall on this 10th anniversary of what was supposed to be a defining moment for men in the black community? Indeed, what if it’s true, as some have claimed, that both black men and women (and now whites as well) actually do curse children into this world just in order to get the government cash? The woman gets the support, maybe, and the old boy pops in and out between drug-buys/uses/sales/incarcerations for a little bit of “good time?” Concerning the studs of both races, they wind up in jail for various reasons, such as dope-matters (including murder) or baby-torturing/killing, which the media chronicles on practically a daily basis. The silly women, if they don’t also go to jail, just keep on keeping on, mating indiscriminately like animals in a zoo. Approximately 1,370,000 abortions occur annually in the U.S. according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute. Sixty-three percent of abortion patients are white, however, black women are more than 3 times as likely to have an abortion, and Hispanic women are 2.5 times as likely. The reason for calling attention to these facts with regard to all three races is that the family unit is the basis upon which a society thrives or dies. No march or rally or any other activity will amount to a hill of beans until the matter of stabilizing families in all races is addressed, and such action is becoming harder and harder in a society that becomes more hedonistic every day. For blacks, adding the abortion statistic to the illegitimacy statistic amounts to an almost complete disintegration of any basis upon which the race will remain viable. This is not a racism matter; rather, it is one of survival.

Since the situation, if anything, has worsened in the black community since 1995, the obvious conclusion being that African-American men have not even cursorily discharged their responsibilities collectively with respect to the only thing that matters, supporting their families (virtually non-existent then as now), what does Minister Farrakhan have in mind for the coming rally? He surely has sense enough to understand that another plea for black men to take responsibility will fall on deaf ears. This time, black women have been invited to the activity. Does Farrakhan believe this will help…or does he even agree that the family crisis is at the root of the black race’s troubles? After all, it takes two to tango, so the women have been just as culpable as the men with respect to the damning disregard of the notion that civilized people (including whites) are expected to be a cut above animals.

Perhaps the main reason for the activity is simply to perpetuate the race/class war that keeps people like Farrakhan, Sharpton, and Jackson in their obviously lucrative endeavors…beats working any day. Just keep the animosity alive. Maybe Farrakhan and crew will yell and scream for reparations. After all, the vote is secure, notwithstanding the inability of thousands to operate a simple ballot. Affirmative action (quotas, anyone?) has been in effect for 40 years. Educational opportunities have been made abundantly plentiful, though standards, at least after a fashion, have to be met in order to qualify. The alternative is for institutions of learning on all levels to dumb-down education to the point at which it will place this country behind many third-world nations. It’s already in bad shape, comparatively speaking, with industrialized nations.

MMM lacks credibility not least because of its originator, Minister Farrakhan, who said recently in Charlotte, N.C., that he was aware of the fact that the levee in New Orleans was sabotaged in an effort to eradicate black neighborhoods in favor of saving white ones, the eradicators presumably being white folk. This statement represents deep-seated racism. Unless he was residing under a rock somewhere, Minister Farrakhan should have noticed that the people dodging power lines, trees, and buildings as they hung from helicopters to save black folk (some 10,000 of them) happened to be white folk. The Koran, apparently his holy scripture, has as one of its main requirements of Muslim adherents the killing of infidels whenever possible, infidels being all people who are not Muslims. His appearance at the event will be a joke. If he speaks as long as he did in 1995 (two-and-a-half hours), he will have had his revenge on the blacks who are still infidels, even if he can’t waste them physically, as any suicide/homicide/bomber knows.