Animals Running the Zoo

Coach Should Have Been Fired

The education gap between blacks and whites will continue to increase, not least because the younger generations of blacks have had it pounded into their heads by the likes of President Obama and his valued sidekick, Al Sharpton, that they are “owed” and must never be “disrespected” under any circumstances. The latest proof of this is found in the actions by black students at the University of Missouri. The strike by some 30 or so football players resulted in the president's resignation. That's power resulting from mob-rule but has nothing to do with education.

The blacks claimed they had been disrespected when verbally harassed by whites using the n-word, for example, even though they call each other nigger when the spirit moves them. The swastika plastered on a restroom wall by someone using feces they viewed as disrespect, though no one has ever said who did the deed. It could well have been blacks who did it. Actually, who cares?

A population of late-teens and early 20-somethings in both races can be expected to do weird things. Snobbishness and name-calling are just a couple things accruing to the immature. The important thing is that no one has suffered any actual injury and that equal education is still available to all.

There's more to the story, of course. UM President Wolfe came to the job from the business field and lacked (gasp and three palpitations) a Ph.D even though he was a graduate of the Harvard School of Business. He was not a professional educator at a time when university faculties (multitudes of Ph.Ds) are immersed in “diversity” as a sort of creed, about the same as religion. Freedom of speech is anathema to them...except for their Ph.D-inspired speech, of course. They pass this nonsense (and the correct speech) on to their students.

No specifics other than name-calling, as if anyone can stop that, have been given for the problem, if any. The black students blamed the president for not stopping it, as if he could. The strike will probably increase the name-calling since teens and twenties resent being told what they can and cannot say. Look for more feces on the wall. The problem has now been exponentially exacerbated.

The president took full responsibility for whatever happened, not that it was his fault. He did this after his board had a meeting in which it's a cinch he was told to apologize and get outta Dodge, not least because the football/basketball games fund the athletic department. His salary was $459,000 in 2014. His contract was extended by the board of Curators in August 2014 to run through June 2018, a strong vote of confidence. It's also a lead-pipe cinch that a generous settlement was involved in his resignation. At just his current rate (also free housing and car), he could demand better than $1.6 million, so he has the last laugh.

The football coach, Gary Pinkel, should have been fired. Stupidly, he missed a “teachable moment,” i.e., that both he and the players had signed contracts to do football for the university, not shirking that responsibility for a nitwit claiming to be on a hunger strike. Pinkel's loyalty was to the university and Missouri taxpayers, who generate his salary, a mere $350,000 base with perks ballooning it to $2.7 million last year. The players should have been given decrees of expulsion with one day's notice for a change of mind.

Missouri has 85 players on complete scholarship. When a player opts out, he should be given that opportunity and sent home. Now, thirty some players know they can also tell the coach what they will and won't do...or call for his firing if he raises his voice to them. In total, at the University of Missouri the animals are running the zoo.

This is what happened at campuses during the 1960s Vietnam era. Students occupied administrative offices at some. Students destroyed ROTC facilities at the University of Kentucky—animals running the zoos. Perhaps the most used Mizzou pix was of the JOURNALISM professor calling for some muscle to throw a reporter out of her public meeting. That's the prime example of today's higher education—never be INSENSITIVE. What crap!

And so it goes.
Jim Clark