More Apologies, Anyone?

President Obamessiah is deep into yet another “apology adventure,” this time into the Middle East, Germany, and Normandy, making speeches that surely will wear out his entire complement of teleprompters. He is pandering to the Muslims this time, but got off to a bad start in a private interview with some news-lady when he reckoned that the United States is among the most heavily populated Muslim countries in the world, but apparently was unaware that Muslims constitute much less than one percent of the U.S. population.

There are about three times as many Muslims in Azerbaijan, smaller than the state of Maine, than there are in the whole U.S. The prez is always in deep trouble when he speaks without a teleprompter, such as when he said during the campaign that his great-uncle was in on the liberation of Auschwitz when actually he was at Buchenwald, not that any great harm was done. And, the U.S. is probably somewhere between the 34th and 48th nation in terms of Muslim population, so Obama’s attempt to “Islamacize” this country is merely pathetic.

In his Cairo speech, hailed as virtually a watershed event in at least the last five centuries, Obama lamented the fact that there was a Holocaust (take that, doubting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad!), then said “on the other hand” and proceeded to compare that with the miseries of the poor Palestinians who have suffered for lo!…these 60 years. What he didn’t mention was the fact that the Palestinians refused to become a nation with borders well- and more than fairly-defined by the UN in 1948, preferring to wait a few months and then just obliterate the Israelis, who had accepted the terms and formed a recognized government, even though a huge amount of their some 8,000 square miles was comprised of the useless Negev Desert.

Comparing the slaughter of 6,000,000 Jews, who met torture and death through no fault of their own, with the relative handful of misplaced Palestinians, who chose to be displaced, perennial refugees, was not just disingenuous…it was patently dishonest, an unconscionable distortion of history. Nor did he mention the reasons for the Israeli expansion when he instructed the Israelis during the speech to back away from their settlements, those reasons being the efforts by Israel’s surrounding Muslim nations in especially 1948, 1967, and 1973 to wipe out Israel altogether.

Strangely, during the campaign Obama mentioned that his father was an agnostic or atheist, but in Cairo his father had miraculously become a Muslim. The changing of the mind is okay, as Senator Specter recently illustrated when he switched parties, but Obama’s father died many years ago and so couldn’t have switched “no faith” for “Islamic faith” in the last few months. Of course, Obama once referred to former first lady Nancy Reagan’s séances (untrue, naturally), so maybe he did the same and had a talk with the deceased sire, with a view toward converting him to Islam, at least for this trip. Egad!

Of course, he-who-walks-on-water could hardly get through a diatribe in a Muslim nation (Egypt gets close to $1.7 million a year in U.S. foreign aid, 72% of which is for the military) without mentioning his idea of U.S. perfidy, to wit, torture and Gitmo. He inferentially characterized the U.S. as a “torture nation,” an accusation so dishonest as to make one gag, especially in a Middle East country, where actual torture is an accomplished and recognized art-form. According to Looklex Encyclopaedia, there are about 17,000 political prisoners in Egypt, so Obama might have done well to leave the subject alone in Cairo.

He promised in Cairo that Guantanamo will be closed “early next year,” whatever that means. He did this with a straight face, knowing full well that he is about the only person in Washington, wherein can be found people who actually know what they’re talking about when they say that mustn’t be done, and made the promise anyway. It went over well.

So…it’s on to Germany…to Dresden, that is. Why Dresden? It was the site of a horrific bombing by British and U.S. forces a few months before the end of WWII. The bombing, which lasted 63 minutes, started fires that ultimately claimed the lives of between 18,000 and 25,000 Germans, according to a recent report by historians commissioned by the city, according to TIME/cnn. One wonders if the president is a closet member of the hate-America cult that seems to be loudly heard among the liberal democrats…maybe headed by the Hollywood crowd, from which much money can be gleaned.

Maybe the prez will apologize to the French for that time on 06 June 1944, when American GIs tore up a bunch of French turf when they landed at Normandy and started spilling their blood by the barrels in liberating France, which, while the folks in London were being bombed to smithereens in 1940, just handed their country over to the Germans without a fight. One still sees the picture of an ecstatic, pompous Hitler and his martinets at the surrender-signing outside that rail car in June 1940.

Political theater? Of course! President Clinton, who, as well-documented, loathed the military, looked strangely out of place in his visit to Normandy on its 50th anniversary in 1994. But for spoiler Ross Perot, that visit would have been made by George H.W. Bush, an authentic warrior and an appreciator of both the need and conduct of war. Obama may look just as out of place…without a clue. A bright spot: The great-uncle, Charlie Payne, is scheduled to make it to Normandy. At 84, he chose not to make the five-day trip with the president, but his presence at Normandy will give that event special authenticity.