Media Hypocrisy

With the initial shock-and-awe of the “Sterling Affair” diminishing, folks are seeing how they've been played by both the miscreant-leaders such as Al Sharpton of the black community and the entire media, not just the liberal “mainstream.” Fox News, known for its conservatism, has also participated, furnishing fiery castigation of Clippers owner Donald Sterling on the basis of racism – his, not Fox's, though it's hard to tell the difference.

The most puzzling Fox operative is Mike Huckabee, who needed for his castigation of Sterling to bring in Kareem Abdul Jabbar, former NBA star for the Lakers, on his Saturday evening show and practically genuflected before him. To guarantee his political correctness, Huckabee not only brought in a black man (supposedly insulted by Sterling) but a black-man-Muslim, who states that he's a Sunni – like Saddam and the Arab princes.

This same exercise with this same black-man-Muslim was duplicated by ABC's George Stephanopoulos the next morning, indicating that bedfellows can be strange when diversity is on the line and self-righteousness is at issue. Both Huckabee and Stephanopoulos would rail against private conversations being aired for all the world to enjoy, especially as related to subjects such as race, but such is the ambiguity connected to the big-time talk shows.

Jabbar (given name – Lew Alcindor) was born into a Catholic home but decided against Christianity in favor of Islam. The latest escapade of Muslims, the Boko Haram branch in Nigeria, involved kidnapping 300 girls to be sold into slavery or wifery (no difference between them) for the hefty sum of $12 apiece. Earlier this year, more than 50 teenage boys were slaughtered by these beauties, with some of them burned alive. Both atrocities took place in schools.

Jabbar is a beauty, too. In 1973 in a house in D.C. Jabbar bought for his mentor, Abdul Khaalis, seven people were murdered, some shot, others drowned. Five were children. They were apparent victims of the Philadelphia-based Black Mafia, aka the Muslim Mafia. Unbelievably, the house was tax-exempt as a place of worship.

Khaalis and his Hanafi gang stormed three buildings in Washington in 1977 and took 149 hostages. Khaalis was sentenced to 41-123 years. This was Jabbar's branch of Islam, but Huckabee considered Jabbar, who has done the Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) like any good Muslim, just the right person to do a hatchet job on Sterling, who (gasp) dishonored the NBA, already so corrupt it couldn't be disgraced.

Magic Johnson is/was a main player in the Sterling affair and had this to say in Saginaw, Michigan, "It was a great day for the United States, a great day for the NBA, a great day for all people of all races, but especially African-Americans and Latinos who he [Sterling] was speaking out against." Johnson's “great day” was when he introduced the NBA to HIV-AIDS some 20 or so years ago, when he took it home to his family, though he didn't say how he got infected.

There was much news connected to the matter that had to do with the “groupies” who followed the players, perhaps as “comfort women,” like the 200,000 Korean women the Japanese furnished its soldiers during World War II. The NBA players wanted no part of Johnson since blood is often shed in games, and he was out. He disgraced the NBA and his race far more than Sterling, who didn't speak against blacks but only indicated that he was uncomfortable with them. This is how Obama described his grandmother during a Philadelphia event in 2008 – the “typical white person” [Obama's term].

Sharpton, who reportedly had planned a protest, is a tax-cheat of immense proportions, owing federal taxes of $2.6 million and state taxes of $900,000 in 2011, and whose National Action Network owed $883,503 in federal income taxes apparently collected from employees but not remitted. His NAN was in the red by $1,164,928, but his NAN salary was $241,402. His tax problems most likely haven't changed in 3 years but he has a friend in the White House. And then there was the Tawana Brawley affair!

Huckabee & Stephanopoulos—sounds like a PR firm. If they believe an owner should be forced to sell a $600 million property because he made statements some folks didn't like, they're in liberal Hades. They should listen to Senator Harry Reid and make a judgment – or even themselves on other occasions, especially Huckabee talking about Obama, and I agree with virtually everything he says.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark