The Meaning of 47%

Though Romney mentioned the figure “47%” in what was more a planning meeting than a rally or speech, it is now clear what he meant and what many have said for a while. When 47% of the adult population pays no taxes, it can be expected that most of that group will vote for the candidate whose main contention is that the nation can be run on the backs of the people who DO pay taxes. That’s nearly half the vote, and that candidate has just been reinstalled for another four years.

The consensus is that some 23 million people who allegedly would work if they could find a fulltime job are not working, so part of a conclusion is that many of them won’t bother to look hard for work because somehow the government will take care of them. This means they also will not buy products, the production of which makes jobs, because they won’t have the money to make purchases. They also will not become part of the tax-base, and so the vicious circle expands.

The thought in this corner is that the just completed election was pivotal, i.e., the nation, instead of returning to the capitalistic system of government that has made it the envy of the world, will continue on the current road to becoming a welfare (socialistic) nation. The healthcare law was the last bit of pavement applied to that road, and it’s hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel.

The chief whiners for special consideration – women, Latinos, blacks – furnished the immense pluralities with regard to wedge issues, but the net effect was economic. This is strange in that the law of the land allows for abortion on demand, the women’s main issue, so they could have voted their pocketbooks instead of their emotions. The president likely wants free condoms for women but in fits of passion they might not…

Latinos are scared out of their skulls over immigration, so they went for the guy who will attempt now a universal program of amnesty, never mind what his pre-election rhetoric has been. The democrat party stands to gain from a huge influx of Mexicans, especially, since this group is rapidly becoming the largest ethnic group in the nation already. Latinos voted their emotions but they killed the economy in the process. In many places, they also form a large welfare group being sustained by those who work. Think bankrupt California.

The blacks did what the blacks always do – voted a welfare-state setup (Democrat Party), meaning a tremendous drain on the treasury to sustain all the entitlements of the sixties plus all of the entitlements of one kind or another since then. The black family has virtually ceased to exist as one result of all the welfare. This is a generational matter now firmly entrenched. It will not improve, as 72.1% of all black births involve no father of record (2010), meaning single-mother, poor families that will be sustained by the government at great cost…a permanent underclass.

It sounds racist to bring up any of this but the demographics are what’s killing the system. It could be worse. In 2007, for instance (last available figures), there were 480 abortions among black women for each 1,000 live births, nearly half, so the insensitive way to look at that is that the welfare problem could be much worse absent that circumstance. Among white women, it was bad (or good), also, with 144 abortions for each 1,000 live births.

This situation has obtained for decades; otherwise, the population of the nation since Roe/Wade would probably include some 70 million or more people, result of both abortions (about 52 million) and the possible progeny of the earliest abortions, beginning 40 years ago. Making abortions as part of “healthcare” is quite cost-efficient, in other words, getting rid of the little fetuses, saving billions down the road.

Sixty-two percent of white men and 56% of white women voted for Romney, but 98% of black men and 99% of black women and 71% of all Latinos voted for Obama, according to exit polls. The conclusion to be drawn is obvious. Just as in 2008, the whites (72% of all voters) who voted for Obama, actually elected him, so racism is not operative.

The most damning figures relative to the economy are that 60% and 52%, respectively, of those in the age groups 19-29 and 30-44 voted for Obama, meaning that they have bought into welfare-as-normal. While it sounds politically incorrect to say it, this amounts to an amazing ignorance of how the nation has functioned until the last decade. This includes college students, who even now can’t find work upon graduation and could hardly expect anything to get better, at least soon, in a new Obama administration, which believes in taxing the workers – and not just the wealthiest, who already pay by far the most taxes – to support the non-producers.

As George Will wrote recently, in the 64 years (816 months) from Truman to Bush 43, there were 39 months of unemployment at 8% or above. In Obama’s tenure of just 46 months, that circumstance obtained in 43 months, 10% worse in just 5% of the time. Unbelievably, he was reelected. Unfortunately, unless he learns economics 101, this will continue. The unemployment rate – all things considered – is much worse than 8% now.

That tipping-point has arrived.