Islam, ISIS & the Mahdi

The atrocities being committed by ISIS forces, primarily the butchering and/or beheading of Christians, besides being the “way” of jihad, probably has another more important purpose, to wit, making nations angry enough to wage war beginning in the Middle East but spreading throughout the world. Much has been made of the ISIS-announced objective—inculcation of the final world-ruling caliphate—but it may go deeper than that.

According to the brand of Shi'ite theology championed by former Iranian president Ahmadinejad, there has to be a worldwide conflagration in order for the final result to be enjoined...absolutely necessary as the Muslim bad guy known as the Dajjal takes up the fight, is victorious with his followers, and hands the world over to the Twelfth Imam, also known as the Mahdi, who will dispatch the Dajjal and rule for an infinitely long time, during which the infidels called dhimmis will either convert or be taxed (enslaved) or killed, with all Jews given no choice but killed.

This concept was hijacked by Mohammad from the scriptural allusions to Anti-Christ a few hundred years after the canonization of the Bible and a few more hundred years after the original manuscripts were produced. The great battle to be waged and won by the Dajjal is the equivalent of the scriptural Armageddon, with the Mahdi as the replacement of Jesus Christ, scriptural ruler for a thousand years of peace at the end of Armageddon, with Christ disposing of Anti-Christ and the his henchman, the False Prophet.

Dajjal will be a one-eyed man with a horrible scar on his forehead and a blind eye appearing as a swollen globule. He will arise more or less on his own, probably claim to be the Mahdi, raise his army and make war. The nearest thing to Dajjal currently is Mullah Omar, head of the Taliban, who was blinded in one eye and received a tremendous head scar in the Soviet-Afghanistan war of the 1980s. Omar has also been designated as the “Commander of the Faithful,” the first such in a thousand years, or the second caliph, or “Amirul Mu’mineen,” presumably the top Muslim in the world. Problem: Omar is a Sunni.

Ahmadinejad has already prepared the “throne” for the Mahdi, the Jamkaran mosque on the outskirts of Qom, a virtual Shi'ite holy city some 92 miles south of Tehran. The government set aside $120 million to upgrade it in 2005. What he desperately needs in order to bring on the Dajjal is, of course, a candidate for the job, and a setting in which the great conflagration can take place. He understands that the earliest Muslim operator (hopefully himself) to bring on the final destruction will get the prize not of being Dajjal but of fulfilling his destiny as the enabler and therefore in line presumably to be the Mahdi's top dog in the glorious reign. Problem: Ahmadinejad is Shi'ite.

The thing Shi'ites have going for them at present in the interest of fomenting the needed conflagration to bring on the Mahdi is the widespread Muslim chaos throughout the Middle East and Near-East North African countries. As the peoples rise up against their governments they kill each other but also vent their spleens upon the West and provide the atmosphere collectively conducive for attempting to wipe out Israel, the object of their greatest hate and the entity Iran (Ayatollah Khameini) has sworn to “erase.” Such an action could plunge the entire world into war.

Presently, Iran is the greatest Shi'ite fomenter of terrorism in the world, with its Sunni counterpart being ISIS. As Iranian Shi'ites have joined the Iraqi Shi'ites—actually taking over the Iraqi army—in liberating Tikrit, it has declared its own war against the ISIS Sunnis, who have taken over much of Iraq and northern Syria. Iran is already fighting Sunni Saudi Arabia in Yemen by proxy, with the Saudis siding with Sunni Egypt in an inevitable showdown with both Iran and ISIS.

So the stage is set for the Mahdi. Add to this the fact that the only way to stop Iran from getting the bomb—never mind the president's deal—is destruction of everything connected to the project, just as the Israelis destroyed Saddam's nuclear facility in 1981 on the day before it was to go on line. This would mean more violence leading to war.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark