Is Licentiousness Normal?

All the networks/media, mainstream and otherwise, have been having a field-day regarding the Secret Service agents and military personnel vis-à-vis their cavorting with prostitutes in Colombia just prior to the president’s visit there. Folks have been suspended or transferred or perhaps been resigned to their fate and just quit.

The guys didn’t break any laws since prostitution is legal in Colombia but, according to the propaganda, they must be held to a “higher standard,” though one wonders how that actually plays in Washington, where “higher standard” is a joke. The most recent sex-joker in the presidency was Bill Clinton but presidents down through the years have been caught in all sorts of bizarre behavior.

John F. Kennedy has been well documented, for instance, as having his paramours in and out of the White House and probably most everywhere else. He shared a mistress with a Mafia-associated gangster, among other weird happenings, but no one blamed the Secret Service for letting him endanger the nation.

President Obama, back in the 1980s, lived with a woman not his wife (not racist comment…she was white), sort of playing gigolo to her prostitute. He hasn’t seemed to be inordinately shocked and appalled at the conduct of his agents and that may be the reason…sort of anything goes as long as the dallier doesn’t cause a problem, which, in the extant case, probably would never have been made public if one of the agents hadn’t cheated on the fee.

This is no brief for the errant agents/troops. What they did was despicable because it was morally wrong, especially in the case of the married ones, who could and probably did take some sort of STD home. In their ecstasies, especially if enhanced by booze, they could have spilled vital information. If some of their “ladies of the night” had been Colombian agents or those of another country, there might have been serious trouble.

Lost in the media condemnation of the men, as usual, is the fact that, while they bought bodies, it was the women who sold them. As they report about the cads, the giggling gals in “TV-News” programs, dressed in their off-the-shoulder and off-their-other-body-parts frocks, come across as shallow, if not hypocritical. They flounce around with enough cleavage and thigh showing to compete favorably with the Colombian street-walkers. The men, conversely, are dressed to the nines head-to-toe.

This has made the “news” programs a sort of exercise in cheesecake frivolity. Sitting across from Wolf Blitzer or Bill O’Reilly in a pose calculated to make at least all the male viewers hear very little of what’s said seems almost to be a requirement of the ladies, and one wonders if they might better appear more modestly, especially when, with their features hanging out or bared to the limit, they intone about serious subjects such as the awful deaths in Afghanistan…sort of like attending a funeral in a bikini.

This circumstance makes one wonder if the hippy-dippy generations (two of them now), who have been running the show for a long while with respect to entertainment, government and even the church, have damned the society with a permissiveness that glorifies licentiousness, sexual and otherwise. Without question, morals have degenerated to the point, for instance, that condoms are distributed in public schools, thus inviting the students to copulate like so many rabbits…at every opportunity.

Ah well…this is the sort of diatribe that the elites such as the intelligentsia on college campuses and the Hollywood types decry as coming from a religious nut or a crazy do-gooder, someone so far behind the times that he even believes homosexuals shouldn’t (actually physically can’t) marry each other. The president, on the other hand, has evolved through his superior intellect in just three (a four-letter word, for Biden) years to the point that he sees virtue in such couplings, never mind the consequent, aberrant behavior.

So…what about the jerks in Colombia? Were they just “doing what comes naturally” as defined by the flower-children and their children, who have managed to turn the culture upside-down since the sixties? Well…yeah. The elitists, with a voluminous glee, flaunt their idiocies as being perfectly normal, and the nation suffers, rotting from the inside out. God defines sin. Humans define morals…and currently the twain are mutually inclusive. Sad!