Libya & the "TRUTHERS"

After every calamity of any substance, some government agency or Congressional body conducts an investigation or hearing to discover what caused the problem, usually with the stated purpose that the effort is designed to effect adjustments so that the calamity can never again happen. With respect to either government or private enterprise, the primary purpose, however, is to fix blame. This is especially true with government since elected officials are always in campaign mode and looking for ways to point the finger at opponents.

Also after every calamity of substance, some sort of “truther” organization will come on line to dispute the findings of the official body. There was an investigation/hearing into the Pearl Harbor massacre back in the 1940s (FDR knew all about it beforehand); after Katrina in 2006 (the House democrats didn’t participate since the official version was on point, but the truthers fingered FEMA); concerning the Iraq War (9/11 conspiracy by Bush/Cheney/Osama and known about by Bush beforehand); JFK assassination in 1963 (take your pick of conspiracy theories, including that LBJ did it); and more recently, torture (Bush approved it and practically wrote the torture-manual).

Usually, the truther-stuff is laughable but it seems to provide great entertainment and, of course, furnishes an outlet for whatever political agenda any group/individual has. For instance, President Obama was gung-ho against the Patriot Act until he got elected. Recently, he signed law to continue that act upon realizing that he’d get the blame if anything untoward happened that could have been prevented by its use, which abridges no one’s rights, or at least those who have nothing to hide.

It hasn’t been held yet and, of course, will not be held unless and until the republicans have the power to do it (and they do in the House), but Obama’s personal declaration of war against Libya will someday be investigated, as it should be, especially since Congress was not even consulted, much less given an opportunity to approve or disapprove. The president simply got a UN resolution and ordered the U.S. military to attack a nation posing no threat to any other nation, including especially the U.S. Libya’s total population of six million souls is two million less than that of New York City, and it was/is virtually defenseless. The plan was to just bomb the bejesus out of Tripoli/Libya and hopefully kill Qaddafi in what Obama said would take days, not weeks. That was nearly four months ago.

For the sake of argument, assume that a hearing/investigation is held and that Obama’s actions will be certified as perfectly desirable since, being a superior human, he substituted his choice of Libyans to be killed for that of letting Qaddafi make his own choice of which Libyans to kill. The latest “truther” organization to answer this could be something called the Questionable Affairs Department for Discovering Avaricious Fuel Invaders, known by its obvious acronym, QADDAFI.

This organization claims that Obama, Biden, British Petroleum and its Middle East tyrant-connection, Ahmadinejad, met secretly in a New York mosque to plan the March 19 attack on Libya in order to guarantee that its oil operations either be shut down or simply overrun with a view toward directing its shipments to Marseilles or San Francisco, where strange things happen as a matter of course and no one would be suspicious of oil tankers from Libya with blood-stained decks tying up at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Such “truther” notables as former general Wesley Clark could head QADDAFI, which has already also discovered that the Gulf oil spill last year was also planned by O,B, BP and A, who have captured most of the millions of gallons and have them stored in a huge underground cave in the Pacific island-nation of Tuvalu, elevation 15 feet and therefore susceptible to quick ingress and egress of product, which can be used at any time to flood the market and bankrupt selected nations or simply stack euros and dollars in banks in the Cayman Islands, Bahamas, or Switzerland, where partners-in-crime Bush, Cheney, Halliburton and Osama (RIP with the virgins, although he didn’t fire a shot) stashed all the Saudi money they received account of 9/11 action.

The truth seems perfectly obvious. Why would Obama spend $55 million a day for ten days straight in March dropping bombs and missiles on Libya for no logical reason other than OIL, the only industry other than camel-rehabilitation that Libya has. The Foreign Legion doesn’t count except for the elements paid by Qaddafi. Obama is up to about $750 million now and counting ($1.1 billion by Oct. 1), with Congress, in another of its frequent moments of lunacy, probably on line to give him at least until the end of the year to finish off Qaddafi, with the provision that body-counts may not lawfully be publicized, especially those of children.

The truthers know that LBJ colluded with Fidel to off JFK, that Bush 41 colluded with the whole world to do Kuwait, Bubba colluded with Tito’s ghost (channeled by Hillary and Eleanor’s ghost) to do Bosnia, and that Bush 43 colluded with Cheney, Halliburton and Osama to do 9/11. The Obama/Biden/BP/Ahmadinejad conspiracy to reduce Libya to rubble makes eminently more sense than any of the others.