Obama's Libya-Rape Continues

ABC News, 18 March, concerning Libya: “In his meeting with Members of Congress today, sources tell ABC News, President Obama said he expected that the period that the US would be involved in heavy kinetic activity would be ‘days, not weeks,’ after which he said the U.S. would then take more of a supporting role.” Assuming that “kinetic activity” does not include the use of drones and that “supporting role” does include the furnishing of bombs and missiles to NATO nations which, coincidentally, just don’t have any more missiles and bombs to fire upon the Libyans , the president has carried double-speak, teleprompted or not, to a whole new level.

This is the definition of “kinetic” (Merriam-Webster, 11th Collegiate): “of or relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated therewith.” In other words, anything this country has done regarding Libya at any time is “kinetic.” U.S.-GI-material-bodies were ordered by the commander-in-chief to kill Libyans, starting on 19 March and (through NATO, owned and controlled by Obama) continuing until today. They used material bodies called bombs and missiles to do so, and Obama has continued that use until today.

So…everything that has been done and/or used since 19 March can be classified as “kinetic” (not just the first ten days when the U.S. spent $55 million on the project each day) and “supporting role” (both in the first ten days and now). Current cost in dispatching Libyans/Muslims to eternity continues to mount.

ABC News, 15 June, concerning Libya: “In a report revealing that the total cost of US intervention in Libya as of June 3 has been $716 million and will reach $1.1 billion by the end of September, the Obama administration today told congressional leaders in a report that the role of the US military is so limited, congressional authorization is not needed.” The president said “days, not weeks,” but apparently he didn’t consider that the 105 or so days or the 15 or so weeks since 19 March actually amounted to days/weeks, or maybe he was thinking of months, now up to 3.5 months and counting.

Obama invested $550 million tax-dollars in the Libya massacre in the first ten days and is on line to invest another $550 million by the end of September, the latter, of course, in a non-kinetic supporting role, which is just as kinetic as the first kinetic role. One wonders if he thinks the general population is so collectively dumb that it can’t figure out both the kind and volume of his subterfuge.

One wonders, also, about Congress, which in Obama’s mind seems not to exist, and perhaps for good reason. The president obviously is accountable to no one. He unilaterally declared war on Libya – without even a presidential proclamation, to say nothing of one from Congress – and ordered decent men to commit murder on a nation with a population two-million less than that of New York City that has never been a threat to this country in either words or actions. The representatives and senators had no say in the matter, meaning that the people didn’t, either. The collective congressional spine is made of jelly and the citizens are un-represented. The founders of this nation would flip in their graves.

The people who have the greatest dread of war, as well as the consequent motivation to do anything to avoid it, are those who have experienced it…those who have seen and smelled the blood, gathered the dead and ministered to the twisted and torn bodies of the wounded. The president can’t even imagine what it’s like to be a Libyan when the planes or drones are heard overhead. He also can’t imagine what it’s like to administer bombs and missiles on innocent people, never mind the talk of taking out only “strategic targets.”

The bombs in Libya have been falling in residential neighborhoods, with Obama and NATO insisting that the targets were legitimate, usually “command-and-control centers.” Just one malfunctioning part of a bomb or missile sends it anywhere but where it’s intended to blow up “things.” That means that the carnage is anywhere an errant or even a properly functioning device lands. People are where the things are…euphemistically labeled “collateral damage.”

If there were a reason for all the Libyan bloodletting at the hands of Obama and NATO, there would be no condemnation of it. As it is, Obama has much innocent blood on his hands and is aiming to be smeared with much more. Disgusting! It’s long since past the time to stop the killing.