Obama - Ever the Apologist?

As Obama mentor the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah (God damn America) Wright put it concerning the wasting of Hiroshima in August 1945, the “chickens have come home to roost,” this time concerning Obama’s attack upon Libya in March 2011 and his consequent annihilation of its government, including the murder of its leader. The difference between the two events, of course, is that President Truman had a reason for Hiroshima – the immediate ending of WWII and the saving of millions of lives – while President Barack Hussein Obama had no reason at all for engaging his Libyan atrocities…none, nada, zilch.

The outrage over the massacre by jihad-crazy Muslims in Libya this week of four U.S. officials, including an ambassador, as expressed by State Secretary Clinton and Obama is so artificial and self-serving as to make them appear either incredibly naïve or incredibly stupid. They would be better served to say nothing.

None of the current mess in Libya would have happened if not for the inane or insane actions taken by these two warmongers in early 2011, when Barack Hussein Obama dispatched Clinton, US/UN Ambassador Rice and White House apparatchik Powers to the Security Council to get a resolution of war against Libya, with the “understanding” that a reluctant NATO would join the party while Barack Hussein Obama “led from behind.” Now, Clinton caterwauls on TV about the current Libyan violence but seems to have forgotten the violence she helped create last year. What disgusting hypocrisy!

Both Defense Secretary Gates and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mullen warned in televised Congressional hearings against this travesty of sovereign rights, but were brushed aside. Later, when Obama ordered good, decent Americans to bomb the innocent Libyans, Gates, in Russia and apparently unaware of this violation of the sovereignty of another nation, described Obama’s action as an “on the fly” operation, i.e., without much military input, planning, or execution. He was right, of course. Obama, as the all-wise, strategically superior commander-in-chief, said his war would last for days, not weeks. The action lasted for seven long months, with even neighborhoods being bloodied by bombs or missiles that can be aimed but with no guarantee of final destination.

Just as bad as the action itself was Barack Hussen Obama’s war-making-methodology, completely bypassing the Congress in an obvious declaration of war manifested more by deeds than by words and proclaimed in Brazil, not Washington. Instead, knowing that the Congress, though weak as water, would take time to sort out his folly and deep-six it, he simply delivered U.S. sovereignty to the vapid United Nations Security Council and violated his constitutional responsibilities vis-à-vis Congress concerning military action and violated the War Powers Act in the bargain. He should have been impeached by the House long ago for a crime much worse than that of Bill Clinton, who was impeached in 1999 for simply lying under oath. The Republican-led House sat on its hands in 2011, apparently afraid of a racism charge…or just too inept to do anything, probably the latter.

The administration and certainly the mainstream media, otherwise known as Obama’s propaganda machine, seem to believe that actions of Americans exercising free speech provide easily understandable reasons for Muslims to kill Americans, just as their holy book, the Quran, requires them to do at every opportunity with regard to the evil “infidel,” defined as anyone not a Muslim. President-candidate Romney is being castigated for making statements at odds with the administration’s approach. It’s their belief that (gasp, horrors and look-out-Gertrude!) no one should say anything about anything when the president is mulling a response to a massacre and getting someone to teleprompt it so as not to “hurt a Muslim’s feelings.”

Barack Hussein Obama’s totally illegal invasion of Libya has come back to haunt him, but this will not be brought out in the media, even the conservative media. Obama has made it a point to tell the Muslim leaders of Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Syria they had to go but made it plain that he wouldn’t lift a hand to bring that off – until LIBYA came along – and Obama realized that he was not only not participating in the “Arab Spring” that he had lionized but that he hadn’t even bothered to have his own war and prove his military bona fides, perhaps for the current election year, though his military prowess never materialized even though he picked out a military machine to attack that was among the weakest in the world – Libya’s, that of a country with a population two million LESS than that of New York City and troop-strength of 76,000 boots compared to that of the U.S. – about 1.5 million.

It’s doubtful that this country has ever been as poorly led as it is currently, by any measure – military, social, economic, international…including by Congress. It seems that the executive leadership, including the State Secretary, is desperately trying to mollify murderous Muslims by exhorting Americans not to speak their minds, while Romney calls for some spine to be exhibited. God help us…shades of Jimmy Carter and the hostages!

The media gives President Barack Hussein Obama an accolade of spine for deciding to off an already totally ineffective and virtually defenseless Osama but never mentions the total lack of it in attacking one of the weakest nations in the world and taking seven months to destroy it…for no reason. And now comes the reckoning and the apologies all around?