Liberal Silliness

Recently, the Kentucky Legislature, republican-dominated Senate and democrat-dominated House, overwhelmingly passed the Religious Freedom Bill as a further safeguard to religious liberty. The governor, Democrat Steve Beshear, promptly vetoed it, claiming something like the fact that it was too vague and would be terribly dangerous. The veto was overridden by an overwhelming majority. Similar bills have been passed in other states with no significant abuses.

The governor knew better but also knew that political correctness trumps everything else and that granting religious folks anything was unacceptable, no matter how Constitutional their rights. Indeed, the nation is becoming more secularized and hedonistic everyday, religion, especially Judeo-Christian belief, being hammered constantly. Though it shouldn’t have been, the main bone of contention was launched by the LGBTQ community, which is always worried that it will somehow cease being a protected class, collectively the darlings of the liberal establishment.

An article by Corbin, Ky., businessman Bob Terrell was published by the Lexington Herald-Leader on 08 April in which he claimed that at age 79 he had never felt his religious freedom was in jeopardy. Well, who has…does that make him somehow special? Actually, he saw the matter as legislative allowance for people of faith to FORCE their faith on others (ostensibly including him), the usual whine about conservative Christians, who, quite the opposite, have watched as any reference to the God of the Bible is being systematically disallowed in every venue—political correctness carried to the extreme, notwithstanding that God is referenced on everything from money to the Supreme Court building in Washington, with no interference whatever with the citizens’ right to believe or not believe anything.

Terrell said, “I hear no persuasive sermons about the sins of sending our precious men and women to war for reasons expressed that were lies.” Therein, Terrell destroys his whole argument. Preachers who would preach such sermons would be FORCING their religious views on others. He obviously can’t have it both ways but probably doesn’t realize this elementary truth, the liberal mind being too sanctimonious about itself to understand its shallowness. In any case, Obama bombed the bejesus out of Libya—no threat to this country—for seven months in 2011, killing he doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know how many women and children. Terrell probably thinks Qaddafi and his 76,000 troops were about to invade the U.S., with its 1.5 million troops.

Terrell wrote that he heard no PASSIONATE sermons to protect voting rights. Same deal—preacher FORCING religious views on others. Anyhow, anyone eligible to vote in this country can, so why such a sermon in the first place, whether PASSIONATE or not? Does he expect preachers to sermonize on the state of North Korean voters? Maybe. Who knows?

He spoke of people being hungry, out of work and having no hope, so maybe he needs to contact the dear leader in Washington since all that travail is happening on the Obama watch, which has been in effect for more than four years. Terrell said, “We must find ways to reduce unwanted pregnancies.” Okay, rudely, I’m still laughing and admit it. Killing all the men between the ages of 14 and 86 might help. Terrell apparently thinks women are too dumb to figure that one out.

Terrell wondered if freedom actually could exist if two men are not allowed to marry each other. It’s worked pretty well since 1789, but could freedom actually exist if people are denied the right to shoot each other if so moved…or drive drunk…or marry their dogs? Why not allow polygamy…how can freedom actually exist without it? The Muslims do it so what’s wrong with that?

Terrell then took up the matter of guns and the Second Amendment and made reference to the rednecks (about everybody since their Washington representatives pass the laws) who love guns more than children. I’ve given that serious thought and decided that I don’t love my gun at all, much less more than children…but I hope my gun is not offended.

Terrell wrote that the far right suffers from Acute Paranoiac Egomania Syndrome, known as APES. Well…okay. Maybe the far left to which he obviously subscribes follows a protocol called Manly Orgiastic Ruminations On Nothing – MORON, for short.