Let Muslims Finish It

The much ballyhooed coalition that has been formed to fight what Obama calls ISIL (and others, ISIS) has strange features. State Secretary Kerry will take credit for whatever grouping takes place, but he is less an active player than his predecessors, not least because U.S. credibility has slipped and the fact that regional players in the Middle East have finally figured out that ISIL will take them over as soon as possible if they don't take action—survival of the fittest.

King Abdullah has finally understood that his 229 fighter-jets had better take to the skies, else he and the fat princes will be driven into the Red Sea. Other Middle East nations such as Qatar and the UAE, flush with enough cash to buy out ISIL if possible, have caught on. So...the bombing has started, never mind the fanatical religious considerations vis-a-vis Sunnis killing Sunnis (a no-no). Precious oil-wells are at stake, with all those greenbacks needed to buy girls from India to work as slaves and concubines.

Leading the bomb-fest is President Obama, knocking the bejesus out of Syrian targets. This is an act of war and governed by the U.S. Constitution, but he has no use for that anachronistic document, which plainly disallows him the privilege of serendipitously attacking anywhere, such as in Libya in 2011, without even a consultation with Congress, much less a debate. The ISIL thugs ravaged Libya in the total governmental vacuum left by Obama and are now in Syria and Iraq, where there's lots of oil for good fighting-income and plenty of women to ravage according to Sharia law.

Of course, the English will bomb only Iraq and no one knows exactly what the Mid-East gangs might blast, but one thing is certain, to wit, no one plans to put soldiers on the ground. Iraq's troop-strength stood at 271,400 boots this year, but ISIL dispatched it in short order, the U.S.-trained soldiers running for dear life and turning over their U.S.-built armor to the butchers, with probably a huge segment of the Iraqi soldiers joining ISIL.

Saudi troop-strength stands at 233,500 boots that can be on the ground in Iraq in a matter of hours. The Saudi capital, Riyadh, is only some 300 miles from the Iraqi border and ISIL strength is said to number only about 35,000 fighters, giving the king an advantage of about 7-to-one. The king also has 1,095 tanks; 7,202 armored fighting vehicles; multiple rocket-launch systems and 652 military aircraft, 229 of which are deadly, modern jet-fighters secured from the U.S. and Europe. Syria has borders with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan and Iran, which have troops numbering respectively, 233,500; 510,600; 100,500; and 523,000...for a total of 1,367,600 boots that can be put on the ground immediately to stop evil ISIL.

In other words, now is the time for the U.S. to pull out of this quagmire and let the Muslims settle the affair themselves. They have inordinately more than necessary in both air- and land-fighting capability to throw ISIL off the planet. Obama is spending $10 million a day at last count after squandering $1.1 BILLION on Libya with nothing to show for it but a devastated Libya and the ISIL butchers, who must laugh themselves silly in pondering how Obama helped them.

Obama can be glad he didn't bomb Syria in trying to dislodge Bashir Assad back in the day when he ordered Assad to step down. If he had, as Senator McCain would have had it, ISIL would have been in Damascus now as it will be in Baghdad soon unless the Mid-East leaders send in their troops. As for the threat of ISIL representing damage in the U.S. unless stopped, forget it. That threat will always be operative as long as Muslims are ordered to kill and /or enslave the infidels. They will train anywhere and everywhere when driven from one place to another.

As long as Muslims are fighting Muslims, they're leaving the rest of the world alone, so the rest of the world should leave them alone. When one faction or the other (Sunni, Shi'ite, Alewite, Wahabi, for instance) gets the upper hand, the other factions can combine to start the carnage all over, since Sunnis and Shi'ites (the main groups) hate each other. Think of the decade of the 1980s when Sunni Saddam (Iraq) gassed the Kurds and ravaged the Shi'ites in his own country and fought the Iranian Shi'ites to a bloody draw. The U.S. has lost enough blood and treasure.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark