Obama Legacy—DECEIT

Dear President Obama,

The consensus seems to be that Obamacare will be Obama's legacy, never mind that he's distorted this law by executive order to the point that no one can claim to know what it will be next week. His actual legacy, however, may be that his administrations were marked by deceptions of magnitudes that defy imagination. His legacy will be DECEIT.

His LIE that no person would lose health insurance already in force is a good example, but it was politically necessary for election and reelection purposes. His LIE that the enrollment process was ready in October 2013 was matched for deceit by his LIE that businesses were not ready, after four years, to implement Obamacare in 2014, therefore explaining his postponement of their responsibility to 2015 and beyond, again hopefully affecting elections in 2014 and 2016.

Obama's LIES concerning the Benghazi Massacre in September 2011 were so humongous as to be both laughable and tragic. Just mentioning Benghazi in his UN speech embarrassed the U.S. since world leaders and their constituencies knew better. His absence from the Situation Room during that attack was a LIE in itself, but necessary since his presence would have connoted a national emergency, that is., a terrorist attack in progress instead of a non-existent “protest” that he and State Secretary Clinton solemnly remarked in the Rose Garden and to the victims' survivors.

Obama and Clinton's State Department were so woefully negligent concerning Benghazi, both before and after the murders, that a LIE was needed for coverup. The “protest story” was apparently cooked-up by Obama and Clinton even while the emergency was in progress, notwithstanding people on the ground in Benghazi describing the attack. Obama has never indicated his whereabouts and activities that night, and pity the poor soul who might let it slip.

Contrast Obama's absence from the Situation Room in September 2011 with his presence in May 2011 during the successful assassination of Osama bin Laden, a photo-op used often as showing the commander-in-chief in complete control, when that whole matter also constituted a huge LIE, namely, that people have been led to believe that the affair was brazenly undertaken despite the fact that it took place within a short walk of Pakistan's West Point, filled with soldiers and officers, as well as in other military establishments in Abbottabad (a city of 500,000).

The only danger was faced by the Navy SEALS when they were within Osama's compound, comprising 40 minutes of ear-splitting gunfire eventuating in a number of deaths, a crashing helicopter, the removal of Osama's body, and the departure – enough noise to wake the dead and instigate an overwhelming attack upon the SEALS. This didn't happen in Pakistan's prime military installation. Conclusion: The whole affair constituted a conspiracy (untold truth=LIE?) of the U.S. with Pakistani officials. Otherwise, only an idiot would have subjected a handful of GIs to certain death.

Indeed, Obama's entire Libya disaster involved LIES. Bypassing Congress, Obama sent Clinton, Rice (UN ambassador) and Power (White House apparatchik) to the Security Council for “permission” to attack Libya, supposedly because strongman Qadaffi was mistreating insurgents, same as Muslim dictators throughout the Middle East had for centuries. Actually, Qaddafi had refused Obama's demand that he give up his presidency, and since Libya posed no threat to any nation with its mere 76,000 troops, the only credible reason for action was non-existent, thus Obama LIED—he just wanted to run Qaddafi off. Notably, he didn't do the same to Syria's Assad (178,000 troops), with the circumstances and time-frame being identical.

What started out as establishing a no-fly zone in Libya, with NATO in on the mess and Obama LYING would be over in “days, not weeks,” lasted more than seven months during which principally Obama wasted Libya and Libyans, with no body-count ever provided. The air mission was over in four days but Qaddafi wasn't even fazed by it, thus the extended 7-8 bloody months of shooting fish in a barrel.

Then, there were the “red lines” set by Obama for Syria's Assad to give up his presidency or stop hurting people or stop using gas or whatever. Or else! Each “red line” represented a LIE, and Assad is still fighting a civil war, just as Qaddafi was. Obama looked an interviewer squarely in the eye and LIED that the IRS was as white as the driven snow and that well-documented “scandals” were phony. He even claimed he knew nothing about “Fast and Furious” (unaccounted for guns to Mexican gangs) until apprised of it by the media. If that wasn't a LIE, he admitted to an unmitigated ignorance, even worse. The LIES about man-made global-warming keep piling up.

Obama's legacy—DECEIT—and he has plenty of time to predictably add to it. If I am wrong in any of this, apologies all around.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark