At the midpoint of Black History Month and especially during the exact celebration of President's Day, President Obama spent a bachelor golfing-weekend in California, landing back in Washington on Air Force One in a snowstorm on the evening of 16 February. At the same time, virtually the eastern half of the nation was undergoing some of the most threatening weather in a long time, with thousands if not millions losing utilities and facing subzero temperatures. Boston, for instance, is trying to dig out from some nine feet of accumulated snow.

Just as the case with the executive orders unconstitutionally governing immigration, this move was an in-your-face gesture to the body politic. The president is so severely lame-duck currently that he seems to have decided to ride it out until January 2017 by having a good time flying AF-1 all over the country to make speeches simply to make speeches and play golf.

Perhaps he's recognized finally that he's relatively irrelevant, a president with no policies concerning much of anything except his pet project—immigration amnesty of one kind or another and an occasional cheap shot at policemen, something never done, of course, in his hometown of Chicago, where life in gangland is worth about what it is in ISIS-land. The nation is not with him as he flounders in Islam-protection mode, though he makes solemn pronouncements occasionally regarding the gratuitous genocide taking place in Syria, Iraq and—now—Libya by monsters operating in the name of ALLAH, with the Koran and ayatollahs calling the shots.

He may not have recognized that his legacy is going down in flames before it even has a chance at ignition. The Libyan-ISIS connection has just beheaded 21 Christians on the shores of the Mediterranean not far from Benghazi, Obama's chosen place about which to tell perhaps his biggest LIE, aided and abetted by his then state secretary, who may have the audacity to try for his job. These tragic murders would not have happened but for Obama's decision—with no congressional consultation/participation—to attack Libya in 2011 as his contribution to the ISLAMIC-inspired Arab Spring, which resulted in the utter devastation of Libya, now being rapidly taken over by ISIS.

This is the centerpiece of the Obama legacy...the murder of both a nation and much of its population. His legacy will not be Obamacare. His legacy will consist of decisions so wrong as to defy comprehension, especially as commander-in-chief, a constitutional office he has besmirched even as he consistently reminds the great unwashed that he speaks and the world jumps...except that it doesn't. He has introduced the non-American concept of “leading from behind,” thus making him and the office a laughingstock worldwide.

His misjudgment a year ago of ISIS (that “jay-vee” outfit) will appear in the history books as a glaring and damning event of immense proportions. Most folks do not expect him to put an army on the ground in the Middle East—and he shouldn't—to fight hopeless losing-wars for people too weak or cowardly to protect themselves. But folks do expect him to tell it like it is, to wit, that Islam is a curse upon the world and that—one way or another—its jihad operatives, governments in some cases, must be eliminated. Until he puts the arm (sanctions and weapons, for instance) on the governments of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, and even Algeria and Morocco (troop-strength of 130,000 and 195,800, respectively, to add to the more-than-a-million troop-strength of the others, not to mention hundreds of planes and other weapons), this cancer on the world will metastasize.

Leading from behind will not get this done. Muslims will have to fight Muslims until the Muslims of ISIS are totally neutralized. The president is overseeing a diminishing of U.S. military capability at the very time he should be enhancing it in a world possibly as dangerous as that of the 1930s-40s, when nazi Germany, fascist Italy and imperial Japan decided to conquer free nations and then fight each other to the death to rule the world. Jordan and Egypt have joined the battle but only after the latest atrocities, the immolation of a Jordanian pilot and the beheading of the Coptic Christians.

To his credit, Obama is not willing to sacrifice blood and treasure for losing causes but he must step up and lead in the fight against ISIS, which has announced and is fulfilling its plan to savage Christians and set up a worldwide caliphate on bloody Sharia Law. It's the Crusades all over again and Western Civilization must NOT lose. The Saracens are at the gates of Europe in force (especially Italy now) and in sleeper cells everywhere.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark