Krugman's Angst

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman in a recent screed heaved and heaved and delivered himself of what he must have considered both a scoop and a profundity, to wit, that Fox News is not fair and balanced, after all, and, even worse, is in the process of buying up the nation’s politics, mainly by placing wannabe presidents on its payroll…the result of billionaires like Rupert Murdoch simply creating a government bought fair-and-square.

Never has Krugman been more laughable, and that’s saying a lot. He has for the most part merely stated the obvious. People who are interested in success make the effort, especially financially, to gain it. Murdoch may be less interested in influencing politics than he is in (gasp) making money, though politics impinges heavily upon the ability to do anything. Result: Fox outdraws by huge differentials all the other networks and, despite Krugman’s self-serving claim, actually DOES present anybody and everybody who’s willing to take the plunge.

Some of the most unsavoury characters appear on Fox. Who can forget the appearances of the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah (God damn America) Wright on Fox or flaky Jon Stewart? Al Sharpton is a regular, as is a certified wacko liberal, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, professor at Columbia, Obama’s alma mater. Illinois ex-governor Blagojevich has appeared. Office-seekers and/or would-be political commentators of all stripes routinely appear on Fox.

No one doubts that Fox is the other side of the coin to NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC and CNN, all of which carry the water for the democrats. The citizenry, however, is fed up with Obama/Pelosi/Reid and the liberal propaganda they and “their networks,” mentioned above, generate. Murdoch is a businessman (as is Imam Rauf, the mosque-guy in New York, who also invests in Murdoch’s enterprises), and Roger Ailes, who oversees Fox News, is a genius at generating political controversy and cash.

The objective is to retain, with all its warts, the capitalism that has made this country the envy of the world. The liberals, led by Obama, have made it abundantly clear (since 2007 in Congress and 2009 for the anointed one) that they intend to reduce this country to the level of the lowest common denominator globally, but the American people are onto it now.

The same thing was tried in the 1930s by the socialists and communists, who operated with a degree of respectability then, but they failed exponentially because even the working stiffs (just about all wage-earners) would have none of it even when the unemployment rate averaged 19% per year in roughly 1933-39. The current generation is far wimpier than that one, which turned out to be the greatest account WWII, according to Tom Brokaw, but is not dumb/weak enough yet to be led down the primrose path to governmental control of everything.

Conveniently when addressing the theme of “government-by-billionaire,” Krugman didn’t mention the “greatest of them all” – George Soros, who has bankrolled freely the farthest left outfits imaginable. Indeed, presidential “spiritual adviser” Jim Wallis and his rag Sojourners, according to WORLD magazine, have been bankrolled by Soros, an atheist billionaire who has financed groups promoting abortion, atheism, and same-sex marriage, with a $200,000 grant in 2004. Since then Sojourners has received at least two more grants from Soros organizations altogether totaling $325,000, the most recent in 2007. Sojourners revenues have more than tripled – from $1,601,171 in 2001-2002 to $5,283,650 in 2008-2009.

Krugman reaches for exponential absurdity when he claims that “scientists willing to deny the existence of man-made climate change” have essentially been bought-off by a handful of ultra-wealthy families operating through “a network of organizations that may seem independent on the surface… .” What rubbish – not least because the global-warming-alarmists have been thoroughly debunked by credible scientists, especially those connected intimately with the United Nations (IPCC, CRU)! Not only has their science been faulty but – even worse – they’ve been exposed – or, rather, exposed themselves – as outright frauds through e-mails understood as cover-up attempts.

Krugman made the same claim vis-à-vis the ultra-wealthy with respect to their buying out economists, strategic thinkers (to come up with rationales for “wars of choice” – EGAD!), and lawyers to defend – don’t laugh – torture. He didn’t explain how wars of choice or torture were improper concerns of the ultra-wealthy. Krugman is a Nobel winner, but that prize means nothing, especially since the Nobel for Peace was awarded to Al Gore and Barack Obama, happenstances that still have people all over the world scratching their heads in consternation.

This is a bad year for liberals of Krugman’s stripe and that may be the reason for the futility that engenders the frustration leading to the foolishness put out by the mainstream media as evidenced in Krugman’s column.