The Kerry-Dean Show

In an interview with Bob Schieffer (CBS-TV) on 04 December, Senator John Kerry made some strange statements with regard to terrorism. He implied that U.S. troops are going into the homes of Iraqis at night and terrorizing families. He gave no examples to support that claim – certainly presented no documents – so one wonders how he came by that information. He made an even stranger statement when he continued by saying that the Iraqis (presumably Iraqi soldiers) should be doing that, i.e., doing their own terrorizing of women and children, which is what the Iraqi insurgents are already doing, though mostly in broad daylight by just blowing them into smithereens wherever they are unlucky enough to be – buying groceries, sipping tea, attending school…just the usual things. Kerry’s remarks, as off-the-wall as can be imagined, are indicative of the current plight of his party, to wit, that it either hasn’t a clue as to what’s happening in probably most of the world, the Middle East in particular, or is ramping up its campaign efforts for next year by using fiction disguised as facts or, as in Kerry’s case, nonsense disguised as wisdom.

Kerry might have some credibility, however, with regard to the matter of terrorism. If just a fraction of the material presented in the book Unfit for Command released last year by the “Swifties” is true, Kerry is no saint. In this corner, everything in the book is believed to be true, and it is a damning document, indeed. It is highly unlikely that Kerry will make a presidential run in 2008 for the simple reason that there will be a demand for the release of his entire military records, not just the miniscule portion handed out last year. When he and the other high-profile democrats finally catch-on to the fact that the citizenry is willing to make the sacrifices that will mean something in Iraq, if that’s possible for them, perhaps they will stop whining, if only not to continue to look foolish.

As for Kerry, he proved what he amounts to back in the early 70s, when he, a military veteran, came out in this country against his own government during a time of life-and-death conflict being borne by brave men and women in Vietnam…the male equivalent of Jane Fonda riding the enemy’s tank in Hanoi. In something called the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, he was connected cheek by jowl with Al Hubbard, perhaps the most prolific liar to come out of the period, having claimed to be a decorated captain (pilot injured while flying into Da Nang) when he was actually a sergeant, for instance, and actually had no record of combat in Vietnam. Kerry’s prancing up and down on the shore in combat gear so that movies could be made of him “battling the enemy” is instructive, with respect to his fitness to be commander-in-chief.

The lack of credibility that democrats suffer is perhaps most graphically seen in the party’s selection of Howard Dean of THE SCREAM notoriety, who pronounced in San Antonio on 06 December that the idea that the Iraq War can be won is just plain wrong. The fact is that the Iraq War WAS won soon after it began. It began on 20 March 2003 and was pronounced over on 01 May by the president. Much ridicule has been directed at the president by the “mainstream press” account his landing on an aircraft carrier boasting a banner MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, but the truth is that the war had been won and Baghdad had fallen. Saddam was out of power. It would not be long afterward that he would be hustled from his rat-hole after not having the fortitude of his murderous sons to at least fight back.

Overall peace is yet to happen in Iraq, but the third election this year has just been completed and the country is headed for something besides the butchering regime of Saddam. The people have at last been presented the opportunity to govern themselves, with the greater good being that Iraq is no longer a world-threat, as it was under Saddam, who had a history of using weapons of mass destruction and the invading of neighbors in order to gain control of the entire Middle East, its oil, and its people, and thus establishing a stranglehold on the rest of the world. Howard Dean, who seems to have zilch knowledge of either military matters or the actual world situation, suggested in San Antonio that 20,000 troops be sent to Afghanistan, where they would be “welcome,” and that 80,000 Army Reserve and National Guard troops be withdrawn from Iraq. Either he hasn’t a clue as to what this would mean in either country or he simply is trying to fashion an agenda that will help elect democrats in the elections next year. Both possibilities do him no service. Is he ignorant or is he simply a party hack doing his job? Or…does he have his eye on the next presidential campaign, which will begin in earnest in little more than two years…more’s the pity.

Dean also said in San Antonio that this country should deploy forces in a friendly Middle East country, but he didn’t specify a country or even any possibilities. He doesn’t understand, of course, that the only country in the Middle East that’s friendly to the United States in the sense Americans understand friendliness is Israel. He meant, of course, a Moslem-dominated country, since that’s the only kind to be found, but it stretches the imagination too far to even contemplate such a country, since Islam drives the murderous terrorism that threatens the entire world. He also said that getting rid of Saddam was a great thing, but that it could have been done differently. He offered no suggestions.

Those who insist that Iraq is another Vietnam – especially those in the democrat leadership – are so elitist they think Americans are dumb enough to be sold that bill of goods, but there’s no comparison. The current conflict has been nowhere near as long as that in Vietnam; U.S. forces did not train the South Vietnamese soldiers to keep any kind of peace; the terrain is as unlike as that between a lush jungle and the moon; the fatality rate in Iraq is less than three per day, while in Vietnam, using the years 1964-72 as the basis, the death rate was 20 per day. The United States, under poor leadership in the 60s, did not allow the war to be taken to the North and did not prepare the people to govern. The differences are so transparent that only the most gullible will fall for that line. Dean, Kerry, and their gang are confronted now with something that’s working, and they simply can’t handle it.