SCOTUS & Lesbianism

Delicious ironies are the product of the Obama administration, perhaps the latest being the flap over SCOTUS nominee Elena Kagan’s “sexual orientation,” most people probably believing she’s a lesbian, at least on the basis of the slack-jawed back-and-forth occurring in the blogosphere and even emitted from the White House. Ms. Kagan could clear up the matter in about one second by making a public statement so that all the world would know whether or not she’s “partnered,” either in a “loving relationship” or just through “fly-by-nighters.”

Perhaps the initial irony lay in the fact that a blogger mentioned what he thought to be her “gayness” simply in passing, actually considering that quirk to be a marvelous proof of “diversity-as-superior-to-any-consideration,” in appointing SCOTUS folks, especially since even the evil military will not put up with a homosexual, though Obama intends to change that, perhaps the tip-off that he was not surprised in the least at the NEWS, the gossip. After all, they had had a long professional relationship. Just imagine – a sitting lesbian on the Court! Ah, diversity, thy name is…well, never mind. Even before Kagan was nominated, the White House was insisting that she was heterosexual…a dead giveaway.

The irony of the irony is that the matter is not so much about whether or not Kagan is a lesbian but about whether or not she has ever “outed” herself, the going thing these days in the postmodern generation engendered in the sixties entailing the philosophy that “if it feels good, do it.” The extension of that phenomenon now is to “come out” or “tell all” or “be sexually superior through perversion” and thus be glorified for being diverse! Has anyone seen some “gay blogging” that crows about the fact that “gayness” has arrived finally and that payback time is here, sort of the philosophy evinced by the Obama crowd with respect to reparations in whatever form they take, beginning in the 60s with the establishment of quotas, more recently sanctioned by SCOTUS Justice Sotomayor, though she was turned upside down on that one.

Flash back to October 1964 to see how things have changed. President Lyndon Baines Johnson was standing for reelection in November when his top aide, Walter Jenkins, was apprehended by the police not far from the White House getting it on with another man in the toilet of the YMCA, known as a gathering place for homosexuals then. The intensive attempts at a cover-up failed so LBJ fired Jenkins. Nowadays, Jenkins would have been glorified as a paragon of diversity, a virtual role model for exhibiting moral superiority and sophistication not endemic to the masses.

Did Obama know all of this homosexual stuff, which seems to have been common knowledge in Kagan’s neck of the woods? If he didn’t, he should try another line of work. If Kagan is smart, she will make a statement clarifying the situation right now and get this mess out of the way, dodging the snickering to be heard in her confirmation hearings. Otherwise, the paparazzi will chaperone her to every location she frequents…probably will anyway. She’s a virtual shoo-in in the Senate and would be even if she wore rings in her nose and used only one-syllable words. If the president can hang-on to Attorney General Holder, who admitted he had never read the Arizona immigrant law even though he had already made judgments about it publicly, he could hang on to an orangutan as a SCOTUS justice.

The big deal in the media involves pointing out all the “firsts.” This is meant as some kind of do-good public service even though it actually demeans the person noted – the first ethnic to hold this office or that, the first woman to operate a garbage truck, the first O.J Simpson-type to get away with murder, etc. Fairly or unfairly, this approach also points out that this person’s group was somehow deficient before the first “first” made the scene. So now…is Kagan the first lesbian, but only the third woman, of course, to make the SCOTUS? If so, shouldn’t Obama trumpet that as a huge step forward in the civilizing of the American public, instead of squelching the “rumor?” After all, in his church membership in the former Rev. Dr. Jeremiah (God damn America) Wright’s church, he was part of the United Church of Christ denomination, which officially sanctioned same-sex marriage in 2005.

There’s a federal law passed in the 1990s that mandates marriage as only between a man and woman. In most states there are either laws or Constitutional Amendments that indicate the same thing. In terms of the nature and biology of the human species, the laws are more than just abundant…they’re so self-defining as to need no elaboration. This doesn’t mean that Kagan should be denied if she’s a lesbian. It means that the public and the senators have a right to know, since no matter how it’s approached homosexual behavior and philosophy are, by definition, totally counter to normalcy, a condition one would hope a SCOTUS justice would possess.