Justice for Jihadists?

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the younger of the Boston “Brother Bombers” (the one still alive), is one unlucky guy. He is being charged criminally and will thus be tried or otherwise handled in the Justice system. This means that he can be brought to trial, no religious shenanigans available to deter that.

If he had been accounted a terrorist and turned over to the army (maybe a trip to Gitmo, even), he could have grown a beard and used the “Major Hasan Defense” to escape a trial altogether, i.e., his religious beliefs concerning a beard would have been violated. The army demands its people to be clean-shaven on duty, such as while being tried for murder. The Army Court Martial judge, a male, who initially ruled that his beard had to go has been replaced by a lady judge (December 2012) but the major seems to still have no trial date of substance.

The Fort Hood massacre happened in November 2009 but 3.5 years later—no trial for a man who lots of people saw gun down 13 soldiers and one civilan and wound 43 others before being himself shot. This compares to three dead and 264 wounded in the bombing and one dead policeman vis-à-vis the Boston Marathon massacre.

Of course, the official designation of the Ft. Hood matter is “workplace violence.” Tsarnaev’s court-appointed lawyers should look into this. Did the 19-year-old commit a terrorist act? After all, he didn’t scream Allah Akbar before the bomb went off, as did Hasan before he let loose on the innocent. Maybe Tsarnaev merely committed “workplace violence” since his method was used in a business-setting where gobs of people were at work in offices, restaurants, stores, etc.

President Obama and Attorney General Holder have unique positions regarding these pieces of scum. Hasan belongs to the Army (Court Martial only), so he is beyond the reach of Holder with respect to delays or anything else. However, he is totally in the hands of Obama, the commander-in-chief, who’s never worn a uniform but often reminds the great unwashed of his rank. Obama could have signed a piece of paper years ago facilitating the trial and Hasan would be paying for his crimes now (maybe even dead) instead of being paid his generous Major’s salary ($4,222 per month + room, board, healthcare and expenses) for doing nothing but dreaming of figs, eating well and hating infidels.

Tsarnaev is in the civil-criminal sytem so he’s beyond the reach of the president, who, ipso facto, has delayed the Muslim murderous major from coming to trial, especially while his defense team perhaps dreams up insanity pleas and plans for him a life of ease in some well-appointed federal booby hatch. Tsarnaev belongs to Holder, who could sign a piece of paper and have the little butcher paying the price in a matter of months…if he wanted to.

Hasan and Tsarnaev are Muslims—serious Muslims, translated as jihadists. However, to criticize Muslims now is a distinct NO-NO-NO, political correctness being more operative than ever. Indeed, the Cathlic archbishop who presided over the religious service the other day in Boston made it a point to indicate that the Muslims—whose holy book requires death for the infidels (Americans)—must not be frowned upon, criticized or otherwise called to account for what even the imams and ayatollahs admit—death or slavery for the infidel, as required by Islam.

This means that Tsarnaev should never be referenced as a Muslim, never mind his motivation for the bombing. At age 19, he also may not know that Muslims consider second in importance only to the killing of Americans the killing of each other, which is what Saddam did in 1991 (before Tsarnaev was born) in attacking Kuwait with the hope of invading Saudi Arabia, the land of Islamic-sacred Mecca and Medina. He may be ignorant of the actual history accruing to Afghanistan regarding 9/11 and the Iraq invasion.

Of course, Obama, with no provocation of any kind, set loose the war against Muslim Libya in 2011 and reduced it to its present-day shambles. He is currently allowing U.S. operations/aid against Muslim North-Mali. He is meddling in Syria. What conclusion could anyone, even a callow youth, draw from the Libya-operation—seven months of bombing with not yet an accounting of the dead, not to mention the enabling of the al Qaeda that Qaddafi was fighting to keep out of Libya?

Will either of these Muslims be judged/sentenced any time soon? Of course not! Political-correctness simply would not allow it. They belong to a protected species.