Sex-Change Fraud

The spectacle of Bruce Jenner's transformation from male to female through the good offices of medical people whose morals are as low as his has captivated the media, the main-streamers such as ESPN extolling Jenner's virtues as it did when Michael Sam outed himself last year. Jenner was once a great athlete who brought honor to both sport and nation. Now, he's a sideshow freak like the 800-pound lady in the carnival booth whom people buy tickets to ogle.

Jenner represents the prurience currently remarking a nation sinking ever faster into a morass of immorality that will damn it into oblivion unless soon reversed. One supposes there will now be a trade organization established whereby women being transformed into men can trade their uteri, breasts and other adjuncts to men becoming women for a genuine penis/prostate outfit, thereby making both actually what they mistakenly think they are. Of course, the brains of men and women are quite different but an exchange in that area would push the envelope a genome too far.

The liberal press will scream religious-fanatic-idiots at those who take exception to the grossness of so-called sex-change, actually an absolute impossibility anyway, although most people of faith can be guaranteed to take exception on the grounds that the God-created body should not be violated. What would be next, especially in light of the weird attempts to clone people, thereby also violating the divine design? Maybe the change of a Jenner-type into a chimp, thereby reversing the sacred god of spurious human-evolution?

No...take God out of the equation. So-called sex-change is a violation of Nature itself, whether formed by God, the Big-Bang, the Big-Nothing or any other theory of origination. Integral to Nature is the propagation of people and the propagation of the things upon which they depend for livability. In both cases, the elements of male and female are necessary as they join to form, not clone, their own. Tampering with this arrangement, as already proven by cloning misfires, is tantamount to secular blasphemy, the result of which will be disaster.

Doctors who subscribe to the Hippocratic Oath of healing and doing no harm debase themselves and their clients (not referenced as actual patients) when they take scalpel and carve a human into something else, no matter what they call it. Castrating Jenner didn't make him into a woman. In racing terms, it simply made him a gelding. A human's anatomy or biology can be tweaked, as in an appendectomy, but his/her sex can't be changed no matter how many tweaks are employed.

Chromosomes are inborn and therefore just are. Otherwise, in China, doctors would rearrange chromosomes, probably by state edict, so that female fetuses could be changed into boy fetuses, at least until undue loss of girl population threatens negative birth rates, which actually is a problem there now. The fetus would have no say, of course, so this is not a good analogy to the Jenner debacle. It's likely that this womb-change effort is already in some mad researcher's lab as man attempts to outdo the originator, no matter who or what.

Jenner is just a blip on a news cycle. His brief notoriety will be just that—brief. Others have had this same body-desecration performed but were not high-profile enough to cause media frenzy. The Jenner insult to humanity is merely to point out the moral degradation now operative in the U.S. and approaching warp speed. The virtual glorification of homosexuality apparent in the last 20 or so years—another insult to humanity—is further evidence of decline. Homosexual behavior also violates Nature's design, especially for body orifices and protuberances. The results, especially in terms of disease, have been and will continue to be catastrophic.

Notwithstanding the contrary claims of arrogant medical people, elitist social-mongers and fame-hunters like Jenner, these violations of the human body will not go unpunished. Leave God out of it. Nature, as has always been the case, will have its way, i.e., exact a price for aberrant, perverted behavior. Ask the Greeks, Romans, current Europeans and Muslim butchers, not to mention those whose perversions have delivered them to AIDS, STDs and other diseases.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark