ISIS & the U.S.

Muslims make up 7.5% of the population of France. That might not sound like a lot but if that percentage were applied to the U.S. there would be some 24,000,000 Muslims in this country, roughly equal to the entire populations of the adjacent states of Illinois and Indiana. Currently, there are about 6,700,000 Muslims in the U.S., or 2.1% of the total population. Though largely concentrated in a handful of states, they live throughout the country and their mosques, having expanded in number by around 75% in the last 13-15 years, now number more than 2,100.

Though it's politically incorrect to say anything about Islam since it's alleged to be a religion, one has to take notice of the possible number of “sleeper cells” in a population of about 1.5 million households, with four members as the average makeup. In the obviously expanding number of such households will be an increase in the number of mosques, some of which have already been quietly infiltrated by agencies such as the FBI because planning for terrorism-activity has been proven to take place in these supposed places of prayer and worship.

The recent “Charlie Hebdo & Deli Massacres” in Paris perhaps form just the tip of the iceberg in the total amount of problems created by Muslims in France, in which by 2030, according to a recent TIME article, Muslims will make up 10.3% of the population. This will happen while the birth-rate of the French-Europeans falls below sustainability. A similar situation exists in Austria, Belgium and Sweden but by a significant degree throughout Europe, thus increasing the number of sleeper cells, the small groups of mostly young Muslims, many if not most born in European countries (homegrown), who have been or are being taught how to make weapons of mass destruction (bombs) and in some cases brainwashed into considering homicide-suicide missions.

The claim is often made, especially by elected officials like Senators McCain and Graham, that ISIS must be defeated on the ground in Syria/Iraq in order to militate against these sleeper cells; however, the word is out in the ISIS entity now that would-be jihad fighters traveling to the Middle East are being encouraged to stay home and do their mischief there. Training for ground-battle prepares no one for sleeper-cell activity since these cell-members will never openly fight anyone in this country, not even the police. They can learn from manuals and even the Internet how to make bombs, strap them on and trigger them, whether suicidally or by remote-control.

ISIS does need to be thoroughly defeated on the ground because its goal is the conquering and enslaving of the people in the Middle East and northern Africa and eventually the world. The countries in the area know this—Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iran, Turkey, each having a border with Syria/Iraq. Currently, 90% of the aerial activity to defeat ISIS is said to be carried out by the U.S., not these countries, in either drone or fighter action. This should not be the case, and President Obama is right in insisting that no significant number of U.S. troops should be on the ground anywhere over there.

Saudi troop-strength stands at 233,500 boots that can be on the ground in Iraq in a matter of hours. The Saudi capital, Riyadh, is only some 300 miles from the Iraqi border and ISIS strength is said to number only about 40,000 fighters, giving the new king an advantage of about 7-to-one. The king also has 1,095 tanks; 7,202 armored fighting vehicles; multiple rocket-launch systems and 652 military aircraft, 229 of which are deadly, modern jet-fighters secured from the U.S. and Europe. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan and Iran, which have troops numbering respectively, 233,500; 510,600; 100,500; and 523,000...for a total of 1,367,600 boots can put them on the ground immediately to stop evil ISIS. This doesn't even count Iraq, which this year is supposed to have 271,400 boots of its own minus the deserters and defectors.

ISIS is a greater threat to these countries (all that oil) than to the U.S., and it's the elephant in their collective living-room. In a matter of days, they could drive ISIS into oblivion, with or without the U.S. It's time for the Shi'ites and Sunnis to bury the hatchet, clean out ISIS and then fight each other if so inclined. Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies in the U.S. can do their job, as they have been doing anyway, in discovering and neutralizing the sleeper-cell crowd.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark