Intelligent Design?

The latest brouhaha conjured by the mainstream media has to do with the president’s assertion that the concept of Intelligent Design should be introduced in schools as another way to view the origination of everything. The media elites have given the matter much thought and have decided that the teaching of Evolution is the only credible offering on the subject because it deals with “science,” and not with abstracts such as ideas or even conclusions, apparently unaware that “science” has been the result of thought (ideas) as much as anything else. Indeed, without first the thought about any matter, how can there be substantial testing to see if the thought leads anywhere?

It is the position of the elites that the notion of a cosmic intelligence generating the universe is unacceptable, not least because an intelligence of that magnitude dwarfs their own intelligence, thus offending them as being second-rate thinkers, not to God, of course (horrors, something that sounds “religious”), but to any entity in the cosmos – animal, vegetable, or mineral. It is much easier for them to rely on what has been presented by large segments of the scientific community as “facts,” not least because, in their ignorance (either consciously or unconsciously realized), they simply know virtually nothing about the subject, as is the case, admittedly, with most of the population.

For their part, the scientists who are truthful freely admit that they know so little about “origins” that they worry about taking either themselves or each other too seriously. Many of them, if not most, have no problem with investigating the possibility of an intelligent designer behind it all, not a hard proposition for the able scientist since he/she indulges – if not insists – on making intelligent decisions every day with respect to design and discounting out of hand notions that fly in the face of some sort of constancy, whether or not identified/measured as yet. Everyone from the mathematics theorist to the chemist to the physicist uses laws of longstanding created through the work of intelligent human designers while at the same time looking for and experimenting with respect to new equations of reliability, a never-ending process. The elites seem unable to comprehend the fact that an intelligent designer could be the initiator of human intelligent designers…just plain common sense, but still an affront to the intellectual elite.

No one argues with the theory of evolution, as such. Obvious in the natural world are indications that mutations have taken place and that elements evolve from one phase of existence into subsequent elements entering and passing through new phases. So what! In tracing back through all the stages (though no one has ever been even remotely able to do that), there will be at the end of that effort the nagging questions: What, When, Why, How, From where, To where. The devotees of the “Big Bang” theory seem not to be heard from very much these days, possibly because they haven’t a clue, after cogitating for many years, as to the when and where of the first “bang.” Other theorists, no matter how far back they claim to be able to “date” things (one’s eyes glaze over when they speak of millions of years or even tens of thousands), seem never to quite get back to the date of the first thing in order to discover how the first thing came about.

This is not to denigrate scientific inquiry, an extremely important effort especially as it relates to making needed adjustments to what is already here. The recent NASA shuttle-flight is a good example. Information gathered in these excursions into outer space is valuable – at least it is so claimed – in the effort to understand new things about organisms, medicines, plant-life, weightlessness, etc. Missed by many, however, is the fact that NASA scientists and engineers rely entirely upon the laws, as well as they can understand them, of nature, and on the certitude that those laws are constant. For instance, if there were any significant variation in the forces of gravity, as understood by the scientists, it would be impossible to even produce a shuttle flight, since there would be no certain way of knowing if the shuttle could get into space or return from space. Did this constancy in the behavior of gravity just get banged into existence willy-nilly or was it part of an intelligent design by something somewhere? Does the fact that people do not just go floating away from earth routinely suggest that a specific inflexible force keeps them where they are with respect to the earth? Gravity is like the wind – one knows they’re both there and can feel their effects but can neither see nor understand them beyond the barest of facts discovered about them. Learned people know how to briefly overcome their effects, but have never learned how to reconfigure them or totally nullify their impact. The intelligence behind their design, however, is indisputable, unless one construes everything to be an accident or incident of some sort, and there are precious few of those folks, most of them probably institutionalized or otherwise accommodated by sensible people.

The significant bugaboo, as far as the elite media folks are concerned, is the notion that something “religious” is at work with respect to the earth, never mind its obvious ordered presence in the cosmos. The notion that there is a god – or GOD, as Judeo-Christian believers would have it – is simply unacceptable…actually for no good reason other than that a CREATOR bespeaks the notion that a divine presence envelops the earth and its people. It is repugnant to the elitists to consider that a force actually beyond their power to understand is “watching it all” and upon occasion stepping into the creation for whatever purposes deemed by the CREATOR to be worthy. This is scary to many, not least because they are forced to wonder if many of the circumstances on earth have been occasioned as the result of some sort of prayer by others, and that future happenings might accrue to the same interventionism by a force unapproachable to them, or perhaps impossible of existence, in their minds, and yet…