Day of Infamy

President Roosevelt declared 07 December 1941 to be a Day of Infamy. Infamy is defined in the dictionary as an extreme and publicly known criminal or evil act. Without provocation and without a declaration of war, the Japanese Empire attacked the U.S. facilities at Pearl Harbor on that day, thus precipitating, along with Germany and Italy, the most horrendous war in history, eventuating in the deaths of untold millions and the destruction of whole cities and countrysides. Before the war ended in August 1945, more than 405,000 American military personnel died, nearly 670,000 were wounded and nearly 140,000 were imprisoned or missing.

World War I, costing more than 320,500 American casualties with more than 116,500 dead, held lessons for the United States and all other countries, the main one of which, though largely ignored by this country, was that there is no substitute, in terms of national security, for readiness to meet any circumstance. Swords were "beaten into plowshares and pruning hooks" following that war by most of the principals, and as a result there was hell to pay during 1941-45. Hopefully, that vital lesson is not now being and will never again be ignored. Some 3,000 Americans died at Pearl Harbor, but another 3,000 Americans and others died on 11 September 2001 as the result of another even more grotesque act of infamy, the destruction occasioned by the use of hi-jacked airplanes as deadly missiles in New York City, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania. The nation responded quickly to that act of terror and has continued to respond effectively, neutralizing religious fanatics/terrorists in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

The war against terrorism is hardly begun, and it remains to be seen if civilized nations will stay the course in combating it. It will last a long time…until those who for whatever reason - even religious ones…especially for deadly religious reasons - would kill to further their cause(s) are undeniably and totally defeated. It is obvious that this nation is making the fight now, principally with Great Britain, Australia and some smaller nations, but it is also obvious that weak European nations have no stomach for adding their considerable potential to the fight. Nations such as Germany and France have forgotten the lessons of both WWI and WWII, having to do with readiness and the fact that there are evil people in this dangerous world. They also have forgotten that the United States saved their bacon in/after both wars, and are showing their gratitude…not at all. Indeed, the leaders in these nations have trafficked with Saddam, the most grisly despot since the time of Hitler and Stalin…an in-your-face affront to all those who value freedom above personal agendas.

A few verses to honor those who died at Pearl Harbor:

Pearl Harbor

Must mortal mind just be resigned
To evil seen that awful day,
The day of infamy designed
To make a killing field relay
The message to a peaceful land
Of subjugation…understand?

Without a warning - evil plan -
A rain of death from clear blue sky,
With tons of bombs to kill each man
Or cripple any strong reply
From either him or any force,
Imply surrender…sole recourse.

To be resigned…or understand…
That any nation may descend
Upon another, take its land,
Enslave its people…freedom end,
Establish bloodshed as the norm
For world relations to re-form?

To be resigned…or understand…
The answer - neither! - on that day
Bloodthirsty swarms sought upper hand,
The peaceful ones below screamed - Nay!
Not be resigned…not to accept,
Instead, they formed their own concept.

Pearl Harbor…bloody killing field -
Three thousand dead, more thousands bled;
What…four years later…did it yield -
A shattered world still dripping red,
A broken world with mourning rife
And, sadly, not an end to strife?

Must mortal mind then be resigned
To evil such as on that day?
No…just as evil ones designed
That bloodshed…others do today.
There is no way to understand.
The right concept…protect one's land.

The monuments on land and sea
Proclaim that freedom will obtain
When nations counter infamy,
No matter cost…no matter pain.
Pearl Harbor rose from infamy
To now abide, both strong and free.

The evil ones, their killing field
Awoke a peaceful sleeping giant,
Convinced its people…never yield,
But to all evil be defiant.
And none there died in infamy…
Oh no…they bled to victory.