Exponential Hypocrisy

In a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on 03 March and with regard to admonishing Congress, President Obama said, "When it comes to preserving the principle that no country has the right to send in troops to another country unprovoked, we should be able to come up with a unified position." The enormity of the hypocrisy of that statement would be impossible to comprehend.

In March 2011 and without a consultation with Congress, let alone any Congressional approval, President Obama sent the U.S Air Force against Libya in an attack so unprovoked as to be indescribable in its mendacity. He said his action, which he announced on a vacation trip to Brazil, was to protect Libyans from Qaddafi, the argument his three Amazons, State Secretary Clinton, UN Ambassador Rice and White House political hack Samantha Power, made to the UN Security Council (not the Congress) for “permission,” including the strong-arming of NATO into the genocide.

Libya, with troops numbering a mere 76,000 and a population two million less than that of New York City, was no threat to any nation or even the Boy Scouts. Obama's action, already publicly opposed by both Defense Secretary Gates and Joint-Chiefs Chairman Mullen, was a calculated murder of Libyans, egged on by Senators McCain, Graham and Lieberman. The president said the action would take “days, not weeks.” Gates said it was done “on the fly,” and he was right. Obama had no plan. The genocide lasted for seven months and cost over a billion dollars, with never an accounting of the number of Libyans killed or injured.

Russian strongman Putin claims that Russian-oriented citizens in Crimea needed to be protected from Ukrainian government oppression. Sound familiar? Obama thought Libyans needed protection so he ultimately had Qaddafi murdered but only after seven horrific months of fighting. Neither Obama nor Putin was telling the truth. Each had an agenda, though Obama's has not been made clear unless he was just suckered by Power and Clinton. Putin intends to annex Crimea, and he will. So far, there has been no bloodshed, partly because the majority of Crimeans favor the annexation.

The Amazons were dead wrong, assuming they could actually think or had even a slight understanding of Middle-East politics. Mostly, they were just dumb. Obama learned enough from his Libya fiasco to backtrack from his “red-line” commands to Syria's Assad to turn his country over to ragtag rebels and al Qaeda, part of the gang of butchers that received weapons from the U.S. in Libya. McCain said he knew just who should receive them. What a laugh! Clueless, he said the same thing about Syria.

Obama seems totally at sea, with no foreign policy at all except maybe to apologize all around for U.S. existence, as he did in 2009, bowing and scraping his way through Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other “superior” regions. So...State Secretary Kerry, who backed into his job when former UN Ambassador Rice, in line for the job, told the BIG LIE about the Benghazi massacre and had to fall on her sword for Clinton and Obama, has just landed in Kiev—with a cool billion of U.S.-taxpayer dollars in hand, about the same amount Obama used to kill Libyans. Perhaps McCain told Kerry who should get the stash.

Power got Rice's job—naturally—and, concerning Crimea, told off the Russians in the UN Security Council clambake on 03 March. She's obviously delusional and has no knowledge about the history of Crimea and its attachment to Russia. From 1921 until 1954, Crimea was part of the Soviet Union. Then, unaccountably except perhaps because he had Ukrainian roots, former Soviet dictator Krushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine, with the pact that the Soviet Naval fleet would be stationed at Sevastopol on the Black Sea.

The Soviet Union fell apart in 1991 and Putin wants guaranteed access to the Mediterranean Sea through the Black Sea-Dardanelles-Aegean Sea trail, as well as the geographic support (land area surrounding Sevastopol). At least 60% of Crimeans are Russian. The Russian language is spoken there. So, what one dictator gives, another takes away.

Putin has substantially and consistently outmaneuvered Obama in foreign affairs, as well indicated in Syria. One remembers the mistakenly-live open-mike remark made by Obama to then Russian president Medvedev in 2012 about more “flexibility” after the election. So...as in everything else, how seriously should one take anything Obama says?

And so it goes.
Jim Clark