by James L. Clark

Hymn Thoughts is a collection of hymn texts, each text followed by a brief commentary concerning the author’s thoughts about the hymn’s subject(s). The author has also written the music for each hymn. Only a few have been engraved but the rest, in manuscript form, are quite legible for the most part at least, and all are available on this Internet site. The hymns are written in the traditional genre, though musically some of the harmonies might include unexpected chord arrangements. The author came along a long time ago and grew into middle-age in the Baptist Faith in an era in which congregational hymn-singing was a vital part of every worship service – Sunday morning, Sunday night, Wednesday night (prayer service) – and during all evangelistic services (those protracted revivals). He has watched as traditional hymn-singing has been all but eliminated in huge numbers of churches and denominational structures. There’s now a complete generation unfamiliar with hymns and gospel songs that have been so much a part of Baptist life, as well as that of other denominations. This is a shame, with “worship music” tending far more toward entertainment (much applause) by the few (praise teams, for instance) for the puzzlement of the many, who learn neither texts, music, nor harmonious singing…just try to fathom the music-absent words on the Jumbotron on the wall.

Hymn Thoughts

ISBN: 978-1-300-04567-0

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