To me, the most satisfying exercise of worship has to do with the mostly simple hymn. Whether singing hymns, with others or alone, or quietly listening to others sing them, I find hymns and hymn-singing to constitute the most meaningful approaches to God, perhaps even God's most meaningful approaches to me. Others might agree.

Permission is herein granted for the use of these hymns except as printed, published, or performed for profit. It would be appreciated if the source of the hymns (texts and/or tunes) is mentioned as a courtesy. Since the music is included with the texts, the hymns are in pdf format. All hymns copyright James L. Clark.

Abiding Grace
Accept Thanksgiving, Lord
Ah, Psalm of Death
And, Should I Gain, What Then the Prize
And, Should I Trust, What Then the Gain
And While I Wait
A Peasant of Ignoble Birth
As It Was Written
As Keeper of the Earth
As Promised by the Seers of God
Assuring Grace
Availing Grace
Be Not Seduced By Worldly Pleasure
Bethlehem, A.D.
Born as an Outcast
Born in a Stable
But God Has Promised Strength
But Never Fear
Came Christ, in Lowly Stable Born
Born to a People in Bondage
Come Away Now, Each Believer
Come Now, Lord Jesus
Cry Out, O Man, Cry Out in Praise
The Daily Water from the Well
Dead Four Days and in His Grave
Do Not Fear
Father, Forgive Them
Find Rest for Your Soul
Forty the Days of Temptation
From Eden to the End of Time
Gethsemane! Gethsemane!
Give Thanks to the Lord
Go Feed My Sheep
God Knows Me As His Child
God's Pure Love, in Christ Enshrined
Goodness and Mercy
Greater Love
Hallelujah, Resurrected
Healing of Nations, World of Peace
Hear, Lord, My Righteous Plea
Hear My Prayer, Lord
How Lovely Is Your Dwelling Place
If I Could Calm Its Raging Waves
I Know, O God, That You Can Do All Things
In Fields Judean an Awesome Sight
In Summer Scene of Fields of Green
In That Time
In the Beauty of Your Presence, Lord
In the City Galilean
In the Cross I Grieve, O My Lord
In the Scheme of Everyday
In Trusting Christ Into Slavery, Low-Born

Jesus, Lamb - Abram's Ram
Jesus, Plead for Me
Jesus Savior, In Bethlehem Born
Let Not Your Heart Become Anxious
Lift Up Your Eyes! Behold the Cross!
Look at the Birds of the Air
Look Not at the Speck
Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem
May the Plan of God
Morning, Eventide, Midnight
My Gain, His Loss
My Grace Is Sufficient for You
My Peace I Leave With You
Not for Nothing Gave He His Life
Now God Be Praised for Land So Fair
Now Praise We Him
Now Sing of Justice, Sing of Peace
Now Turn to God
Now Wash and Make Yourselves Clean
O Church of God
O Cross of Shame
O God, Hear Me
O God of Might
O God of Right
O God, Who Will Not Let Me Go
O God, You See Me, Tired and Worn
O Linger, Lord, As Evening Nears
O Lord, My God, I Can But Wonder
O Lord, My God, Incline to Me
O Maker of the Heavens and the Earth
O May the Name of God Be Praised
O My Lord, You Have Searched Me
O Praise the Lord
Only Christ's Blood
Praise Be to God
Praise Be to God, Maker and Lord
Praise God
Praise God for Rebirth
Praise God for the Harvest
Promised Messiah
Prophesied as the Redeemer
Rejoice, For God Is on His Throne
Rejoice in the Lord Always
Ring the Bells
Sacred the Night She Was Blest
Sent By God
Shepherd Christ
Sing Forth the Allelujahs
Sing Hallelujah
Sing Hosanna - Born the Lamb
Sing Out in Praise
Son of God, Creator
Standing at the Foot of the Cross
There Is a Book
The Rugged Cross on Which Christ Died
Though Flesh May Fail
Throughout This House
Thus Conceived in God's Creation
To Look for God
We Taste of the Body and Blood
What Is My Service To Be, Lord
When Doubts Would Shake My Faith
When Rise the Faithful Throngs
Where, O Death, Is Now Your Victory?
Whither Yonder Star
With Praise Approach Creator God