Professor & Plato

In an op-ed in the Lexington Herald-Leader of 13 May, Silas House, NEH chair in Appalachian Studies at Berea College, was in high dudgeon account Governor Beshear using taxpayer money to answer a same-sex-marriage lawsuit(s) naming him (as well as the state) as a defendant. Attorney General Conway (constitutional officer) was also named but refused to honor his sworn oath and represent the state, so the governor had to employ an outside firm. The Kentucky Constitution is plain about the matter and attorneys general in other states have already done what Beshear is doing. Conway, now running for governor, has already decided the matter and washed his hands of it.

NEH stands for the federally-funded National Endowment for the Humanities, so House's income is also furnished by taxpayers' dollars. The definition for humanities: “the branches of learning (as philosophy, arts, or languages) that investigate human constructs and concerns as opposed to natural processes (as in physics or chemistry) and social relations (as in anthropology or economics): the human race.”

So...House connects all this stuff with eastern Kentucky. Other professors do the same regarding other “studies” such as African-American studies and any other studies—except men's studies, of course— that somebody dreams up for wasting education funds in academia. A student can matriculate with a B.A. at Berea College in something called “Women's and Gender Studies.” Maybe there are more than two genders, after all, requiring four years of study for examination.

House said the governor “used taxpayer money to file an appeal arguing against marriage equality.” House didn't say what “marriage equality” is. Marriage equality with what? Marriage equals what? Does this fall into the same category as income inequality? Inequality with what?

This is “intelligentsia-talk” designed to sound highfaluting for the great unwashed, who don't understand why two guys should get-it-on making whoopee while legally enjoying the old outdated marriage the old song, “Molly (a She) and me (a He) and the baby makes three.” House pooh-poohs that angle, notwithstanding that two guys have never done their thing – anal or oral or whatever – and produced anything but herpes-cultivation-dissemination.

The main objective for House and his ilk is the securing of all the benefits and perks legally mandated for marriage of a man and woman and their children, a colossal ripoff, in other words. If one old guy dies of whatever, his husband (or wife, who knows?) could get his Social Security and other pension checks—and that ain't to be sneezed at, not to mention Obamacare survivor-ship or whatever it may be called, though it might change by next week with an exec order from the White House.

Predictably with regard to the far-left fringe, House gets to the crux of the matter for many, namely (gasp) religion, the Judeo-Christian aspect of which profoundly condemns homosexual behavior and unmistakably mandates marriage as only between a man and woman. House wrote, “They’ve [young people] started to have a more complex view of the Bible and to understand that we cannot just choose to focus on some Scriptures (the ones about being gay, for example) while ignoring others (the ones about divorce or stoning adulterers to death, for example).”

This is the old worn-out red herring used by the atheists and ultra-liberals, who have no understanding of the Bible, especially the differentiation regarding the Old and New Testaments. One can hardly imagine the word “gay” in the Bible anyway. Homosexuals are referenced as unnatural and their practices as unnatural and unseemly. Their lifestyle is thoroughly condemned throughout scripture. Complex is defined as “hard to separate, analyze, or solve.” House actually describes himself.

House wrote, “Beshear is on the wrong side of history. And history is going forward.” History has no sides, of course. It just is. It is not going forward because it is not going anywhere. It just is. This is more “intelligentsia-talk” for the great unwashed, who may not understand that House is on the other side from Beshear, which, one presumes, is the right side.

Noted author Scott Samuelson teaches philosophy (humanities) at Kirkwood Junior College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and recently wrote in the Atlantic that he teaches Plato (humanities) to the plumber, nurse, soldier...everyone. Plato is the darling of the humanities folks. He was also ancient Greece's highest-profile homosexual/pedophile/pederast, along with Socrates. The U.S. is copying Plato.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark