Disastrous Presidential Incompetence

This is from Euronews of 09 March 2011: Gaddafi told Turkey’s TRT channel that the West only wanted to take action so it could seize control of Libyan oil production. He also claimed that if he stepped down, it would leave a power vaccum [sic] to be filled by al Qaeda. “We are the ones preventing al Qaeda from taking control. They would drag the whole region into chaos,” he said.

Concerning what has happened in Algeria (deaths of more Americans at the hands of al Qaeda terrorists), President Obama can take another lesson from his mentor and spiritual adviser, the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah (God damn America) Wright – “The chickens have come home to roost.” Apparently for reasons of ego or maybe at the behest of three sob-sisters in the administration, Obama declared a personal war on Libya that more than just conceivably has led to this circumstance.

Only a few days after Qaddafi made that statement, Obama unleashed the U.S. Air Force in bombing and missile attacks on Libya, which posed no threat to any nation, especially the U.S., and started what amounted to a seven-month war costing no one knows how many Libyan civilian deaths and $1.1 billion. He did it without any consultation with Congress and despite the fact that both the Defense Secretary and Joint Chiefs Chairman inveighed mightily against it, even before a congressional committee. The DOD chairman described the operation as being done “on the fly,” obviously without any input by him or the JCC, meaning no sufficient military planning.

In the operation that Obama said would take “days, not weeks,” the governmental structure in Libya, whether or not the president approved of it, was destroyed and that benighted nation is in total chaos today, with the U.S. State Department in such a shambles its honchos watched by drone-satellite a few months ago as four Americans were massacred in the American consulate in Benghazi and could do nothing about it…or at least thought they couldn’t.

In short, Obama’s ego-trip on Libya (population two million LESS than that of New York City) in conjunction with the grand Arab Spring uprisings in 2011, most if not all of which have made their areas worse than ever with the militant jihad-minded Muslims gaining control and thus replacing the then-current despots with worse despots, has proved to be a catastrophic disaster. The actual winner(s): al Qaeda and/or al Qaeda-linked little al Qaedas, the most ruthless of all the Muslim thugs.

The reason for that statement seems obvious enough. The oil refinery that was the scene of the latest kidnapping/torturing/murder of some 37 (at last count) hostages is virtually on the border between Libya and Algeria, which shares a border with Mali to its south. The murderers are part of something called AQIM, which actually is the term for al Qaeda in North Africa. The leader of these refinery-butchers is a guy called Mokhtar Belmokhtar, who coincidentally shares a physical condition with Mullah Omar, the head honcho of the Taliban butchers in Afghanistan – each is blind in one eye.

Qaddafi knew his country. Neither Obama nor any of the goodtime girls who pushed for the bloodshed – State Secretary Clinton, UN Ambassador Rice and White House apparatchik Power – knows enough about the Muslim mind to even wonder what a prayer rug is. Obama was so unutterably ignorant of anything military that he didn’t even suspect a personal war of seven months, not just days, when he raped Libya. He thought he could drop a few bombs, leading from behind, and that would do the job. It’s scary to think of a loose cannon like him running the country.

Ostensibly, Belmokhtar was “getting even” with the French government by the hostage-taking for sending troops to Mali to stamp out a then-successful push by al Qaeda to take over that country as part of the Muslim enterprise to take over all of Africa. That may have been true but he offered American hostages in a prisoner-exchange with this country, and that may have been the main reason for the carnage he inflicted on a lot of people, not to mention the destruction, planned or unplanned at the time, of the oil facility, which the Algerian forces prevented by their quick move on Saturday.

So…the president has the blood of countless Libyans, the four killed at Benghazi and the Americans killed in Algeria on his hands, something that could have been at least partly averted by simply leaving Libya alone. He allowed Libya to become an al Qaeda stronghold and training-ground for terrorists…and old Jeremiah was right…the chickens have come home to roost. The reputation of this country as a world power is in tatters. Imagine a nation with 1.5 million troops attacking a nation with 76,000 (5% its size) and beating it to death for seven months! Incredible!