U.S. Hostage to Muslim Jihad?

There can be little doubt in the jihadist capitals (caves and otherwise) of the world that the Muslim monsters are laughing uproariously as they celebrate holding the countries of the civilized world hostage. Just remark how they’ve co-opted the liberties of a supposedly free people in this country, reduced now to virtual sexual abuse (exposing of carnal knowledge) in the nation’s airports, whether by the groping that would otherwise be a felony or x-rays that turn up the strangest abnormalities.

Shades of Abu Ghraib…dogs sniffing all over the place while travelers re-attire themselves with socks and whatever else they’ve divested in the name of safety, maybe artificial limbs or pouches or implants of one kind or another. One wonders if explosives can be squirted into the wrinkle areas via the Botox route and later set off when the passenger punches in the numbers and sends her/his head off to Paradise, along with a few hundred others, already at 40,000 feet.

The talking-heads and pundits are having a field day with the whole matter, most of them against such invasions of privacy as body-scanners and “enhanced pat-downs,” not as bad as enhanced interrogation procedures, though the talking-heads, especially with a view toward making Obama the villain, are making it so. Is Reagan International in Washington a reflection of Gitmo? They think so.

These elitists can say anything they like, interview anyone they like and pooh-pooh the current safety measures until the cows come home, and, of course, continue to fly relatively safely as much as they like. What they actually seem to be saying is that suspicious people should be checked, not suspicious things. This is the approach taken in Israel, they say, and, of course, amounts to profiling, a monstrous no-no in this country, lest someone be offended.

Of course, in Israel there are only 7.5 million folks (less than the population of New York City) compared to 310 million in this country, so how long would it take to have a friendly conversation with all those U.S. travelers to determine if they’re carrying explosives in baby-feeding bottles? The current methods will be modified but it needs remembering that those elitists who are caterwauling are also not responsible for a single human life. If methods were relaxed and a plane was blown-up, they would be just as quick to condemn the TSA for not doing its job.

The alternative to the naysayers is simply to take the bus or the train, although both are currently far more susceptible to sabotage than the airlines since there are no safeguards at all in place for their operations. The brutal fact is that attempting to deal with uncivilized people can be done successfully only by fighting them on their own turf. This is the reason there are wars. Hitler and his gang were brutes and could be brought down only by commensurate brutality at the cost of millions of lives.

The Muslim jihadists are monsters for whom the cowardly killing of innocent life is the weapon of choice. It doesn’t even matter to them if fellow Muslims are the victims. Terror, not armed conflict, is their tactical approach to warfare. Israel is a nation today only because it fights terror with retribution by its military, with the hope that civilians don’t get hurt in the process. The Muslims have no such qualms. For them, blood is blood, no matter whose.

The Muslims see the U.S. as one big patsy. Sheik Khalid, mastermind of 9/11 and probable beheader of Daniel Pearl, has been imprisoned at Gitmo for years, has pled guilty and has asked to be executed. The response by the administration was to bring the butcher to New York and try him in whatever kind of court could be contrived/convened. Even to imagine such a disastrous proposition boggles the mind.

The Muslims look at this and seem to realize that in time their way will win. Miranda Rights are a ridiculous laughing matter with them. Khalid should have joined the promised virgins long ago but reckoned, when he found out about the now-failed New York plan, that he wasn’t so guilty, after all, and is looking forward to spreading his manure before the public in a trial. He was educated in this country so his English is quite good enough for spreading the vitriol.

Before he took office, Obama boasted that he would take on the Pakistanis if they were lax in ferreting out the Taliban and al Qaeda butchers. They’ve been quite lax but the president wouldn’t dream of such a thing, another indication to the Muslims that the U.S. lacks the will to get in the trenches and fight, whereas neither Bush in their presidencies held back. Instead, Obama and Holder are concerned about water-boarding, which neither injures nor kills but forced Khalid to start singing.

One would hope that in the back-channels of diplomacy the word has gone out that the U.S. will adopt an eye-for-an-eye, tooth-for-a-tooth policy in the event of further terrorist attacks or attempts at same…sort of trading the WTC for the tallest building in a specified Muslim city. That might get the attention of the rogue-state dictators and the ayatollahs. It worked with Qaddafi, first with Reagan, then with George Bush, whose invasion of Iraq convinced the Libyan honcho to get out of the nuclear-bomb business altogether. Like the use of the a-bombs that ended WWII, this policy would save lives in the far long term.