Homosexuals & the Military

So…it turns out that the WikiLeaker primary source was a homosexual U.S. soldier who, according to news accounts, was ridiculed and shunned by the “straights.” Bradley Manning should never have been accepted in the army but he didn’t tell and couldn’t be asked, the result of the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” action taken by the Clinton administration. The chickens have come home to roost. According to the military, the release of the hacker-purloined information by Australian nutcase Julian Assange, the WikiLeak honcho, has put lives in jeopardy in Afghanistan, and the Afghans have made it clear that they will act upon the information, meaning torture and death to anyone helping Americans.

The fact that the tribal chiefs or al Qaeda or the Taliban consider life so cheap that they commit Muslim-on-Muslim killing as a routine matter in the name of Allah makes it easy to believe that they will get their revenge. Indeed, murder seems to be a pleasant pastime for Afghan Muslim men, and the only thing better than killing each other is killing Americans or other “infidels.”

This revelation comes at a bad time for Defense Secretary Gates and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mullen in that they are kowtowing to the Obama insistence concerning his promise to fill the military with homosexuals. Both of these men have been overly zealous in their insistence that this change not be made precipitously and thereby seem determined that it does not happen on their watch, if ever. Already, the top military commanders have made it plain that they do not want this change. In so doing, they have put their positions in jeopardy but apparently operate under the conviction that duty demands such sacrifice.

The reasons – at least to men, especially in the military – for not putting this promise into effect are patently obvious. No matter how good a face the social engineers try to put on homosexuality, it is still a perversion involving behavior that is both aberrant and abhorrent, not to mention with an exponential threat to health. Surely everyone is aware of the predisposition of homosexuals to become infected with STDs, especially AIDS, as well as other diseases such as Hepatitis, especially since they are, in the main, grossly promiscuous.

There was a time when homosexuality was considered abnormal and could be part of the basis for determining hiring and firing. It has always been unacceptable in the military. The social engineers caved to the pressure of political correctness freaks and to the demands of homosexuals themselves in removing it from that category. The result has been that anyone not pandering to the demands of the homosexual crowd and their supporters is painted as a bigot. Property-owners are even forced to rent to homosexuals when even their religious convictions are violated when made to do so, an abridgment of their First Amendment rights.

To get an idea of the damage that homosexuals can do when privy to governmental classified information, one has only to remember the frightful instances of sellouts to the enemy occasioned by the British homosexual operatives (spy ring) during and after WWII. Perhaps it’s unfair to say their homosexuality was the only component operative in their disloyalty to their nation, but perhaps it’s fair to say that mere coincidence will not wash, either. Sexual perversion is a murky area, but that doesn’t mean it mustn’t be dealt with, even harshly if necessary.

Perhaps it’s fair to say that most homosexuals would just as soon not be “outed,” also taking note of the fact that some are anxious to do so and consider their “difference” as an admirable trait. The society has gradually – at least according to polls – become more accepting of homosexuals as a civil matter, though it’s probably fair to say the society thoroughly despises and is repelled by homosexual behavior. The fact remains that homosexuals-in-the-closet-by-choice who hold sensitive positions can be easily blackmailed. Most will ward it off. A few will not, so the best approach is to avoid the possibility.

Or…as may be the case in this instance, the homosexual, aggravated at being ignored – or even ridiculed – by his military colleagues (who understandably do not appreciate his company), may take out a sort of revenge, in this matter a sellout of classified information. This doesn’t mean that heterosexuals would never become angry over something and do the same, only that the possibility may be much greater with homosexuals who undergo treatment they consider debasing on a grinding daily basis.

In any case, the president should listen to the counsel of his commanders in the field and leave well-enough alone. National security must never be placed at risk by approving homosexuals for military service, especially as a sop to the social engineers who have pronounced political correctness and “diversity” as determinants in every matter.