Homosexuality...a Civil Rights Matter?

The latest flap concerning alleged discrimination in Lexington, Ky., has to do with the decision of the local company Hands On Originals not to produce T-shirts for the Gay and Lesbian Services Organization, such shirts to be used for promoting the “gay pride festival” in June, something the city endures every year in accommodating the homosexual community, which can be guaranteed to scream “Bigotry” if not allowed to parade its collective self on the city streets, complete with all the lewdness it can get away with.

The GLSO has lodged a complaint with the human-rights-commission in an obvious effort to destroy HOO, never mind that HOO’s reason had to do with religious convictions and not “hate,” the term used by the mainstream media for every action with which it disagrees. Also, getting another provider presented no problem. The local newspaper, Lexington Herald-Leader, has been inordinately cooperative editorially and “journalistically,” even advertising a “grand protest” in a downtown park, conveniently 2.5 miles from the HOO headquarters, which might be hard for some folks to find. Sixty people showed up out of a population of 297,000 or so, an indication that folks are fed up with this stuff.

This is not all that surprising since political correctness (translated “anything goes”) drives decisions by bureaucrats and legislative bodies from the Congress all the way down to the local city commission. The notion that anyone can take a principled stand, religious or otherwise, that does not impinge upon the rights of others is inoperative/inexcusable if it makes any entity(ies) mad is the liberal mantra these days.

HOO exercises its rights under both the religion and free-speech elements of the First Amendment and the GLSO does the same. That’s even-up and fair enough, you say? Well…no. The GLSO can propagate its “gospel” concerning lifestyle and punish those who disagree with it but HOO can’t do the same with regard to Christian faith or lifestyle. This is unfairness taken to a ridiculous level but the HRC will adopt this stance every time and the mayor, a homosexual who has been “hated” and persecuted to the extent of being elected to the city’s highest office, will see that “justice is done,” having already publicly condemned HOO in behalf of the 296,940 folks who didn’t demonstrate against HOO and likely couldn’t care less what the mayor thinks.

Perhaps a case can be made relative to “rights” with respect to ethnicity since ethnicity doesn’t involve behavior that is obviously aberrant, as well as abhorrent to nearly everyone, not to mention unsanitary and susceptible to ungainly diseases. Forcing a landlord to rent a furnished apartment to people who habitually engage in anal intercourse, for instance, is untoward. One can only imagine how this activity can ruin beds, sofas, rugs…almost anything. It’s politically incorrect to say this but there it is.

Bodily orifices are designed for specific purposes. Mouths and genitals have their uses and should not be confused with each other. The mouth is a receptacle for food and drink and medicine, not for bodily emissions – anyone’s. Forcing any non-medical object into an anus is unnatural, completely alien to the body’s design. This goes for any perverted behavior, including by lesbians, and all the “fairness” claims forcing any property-owner to kowtow to the political-correctness crowd is unseemly at best, tyrannical at worst, particularly when personal, private, religious convictions are involved.

Because of their strange practices (not common among the general population, as the elitist social engineers insist), the GLBT community has designated itself as a “minority,” which, obviously, it is, and therefore to be protected with specific rules/laws that often impact the rights of others, such as in the HOO matter. Since left-handed people comprise only about 10% of the population, they could make outrageous demands, too, but they don’t, considering themselves perfectly normal, which they are. By their demands, homosexuals account themselves as not normal; otherwise, they wouldn’t demand some sort of special treatment. Rather than change their lifestyles (mind over matter), they demand a governmental imprimatur on their aberrant behavior through special laws. Makes no sense, but that’s what political correctness demands.

There’s no argument here regarding the private lives of homosexuals. They can do whatever they like with/to each other, though not wherever, such as in public restrooms, sometimes places of hanky-panky, as noted periodically in the media. On the web-site Cruising Gays, Lexington’s Jacobson Park is highly recommended (even has some woods for a “quickie”), the reason why parents should monitor their children’s visits carefully, especially to restrooms. The web-site shows other “areas,” such as gyms, bars, food-court restrooms (one with a peep-hole between stalls), etc., where there’s plenty of “action.”

The point here: There should be no special privileges for people who choose aberrant lifestyles and demand rules abridging the freedom-of-speech and religious rights of others because of their more equal “rights.” The HRC should keep “hands-off” with regard to Hands On Originals.