The Hippy Autumn

There can be little doubt that President Obama has looked with great favor on the “Arab Spring,” as largely proven by his encouraging the masses to take to the streets through announcing to the world that the leaders of their countries had to go, never mind how. The results have been predictably abysmal since the masses were leaderless, clueless, and without resources except for a multitude of warm bodies to take up space. In the process, this country lost its only Middle East Arab (Muslim) ally when Obama decided that Egypt’s Mubarak had to go. The resulting vacuum of leadership is obvious unless one considers that the army should operate the government.

The president has been given a pass by the mainstream media concerning his overt participation in the Arab Spring, the attack in March upon Libya, population two million less than that of New York City and owning a military of 76,000 troops compared to the U.S. number of GIs at 1.6 million active troops. This was an invasion of another sovereign nation, entirely unprovoked and carried out by executive order with not so much as a fare-thee-well from the elected Congress, the only Constitutional establishment that can declare war. The feckless Congress has done nothing but ooh and ah and cluck its collective tongue while furnishing the funds for the bloodbath Obama has wreaked on innocent Libyans who just happen to be in the wrong place when the missiles and bombs commit their bloody mayhem.

Obama has made it plain that Constitutional government is not his bag. He made this abundantly clear from the outset when he showed his agitation toward the founders account their failure to provide for the proper distribution and redistribution of wealth. He showed it again when in his healthcare enactment he signed a document requiring citizens to buy insurance whether they wanted/needed it or not, not to mention the turning over of this most valuable aspect of life to the government to decide who gets what treatments or medicines, where and when.

The worm is turning, however. Obama has delighted in his participation in the Arab Spring, though he’s studiously avoided action concerning Syria and Yemen and Saudi Arabia, but now he’s facing his own “Hippy Autumn,” as graphically epitomized currently in the protests in New York City. These participants also make up a clueless gang without any leadership but with obvious resources since its members are well-fed and full of energy. So far, there is no coherent agenda, except for the demand that equity be granted everyone in the matter of income. Whether by college student or union member, this equity-mantra represents the intention of taking the country into socialism…reward not by merit but by governmental fiat.

The president, down in the polls, faces a dilemma, to wit, that, while he also is a socialist but still constrained by the Constitution, he needs to be reelected by a population that is not socialist, sees through his agenda no matter how passionately advanced by the left-liberal media it is, and is sick and tired of trying to find a modicum of assurance in a country that is almost totally leaderless, totally bankrupt, and totally disdained by other nations as just another successful nation trading its top standing for third-world status, with apologies all around for its very existence. This essentially has little to do with party, although republicans should be making political hay of the whole mess. They aren’t because they lack the necessary guts to call out Obama and cut him off at the knees.

So…how will Obama handle the Hippy Autumn? The hippies are his kind of people – wannabe “community organizers,” a euphemism for operators interested in putting the arm on the producers/workers to gain the products of their labors. New York’s finest arrested 700 of the “peaceful protestors” the other day, thus begetting weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. How dare a civil society remove despoilers from public property!

Will Wall Street confines be another Tahrir Square? Should the Autumn Hippies move their operation to Washington? Are they so ignorant that they don’t understand that Wall Street is what it is because Congress is what it is? The housing debacle that brought this economy down was for all practical purposes enacted into law by elected officials, who were either unbelievably dumb or too job-obsessed or greedy to put party and political ambitions before principle.

The 47% of the population that pays no taxes but can vote can just about confiscate at will or will be able to soon. This is Obama’s crowd. Welcome to the edge of the cliff.