Hillary Rides Again!

State Secretary Hillary Clinton blew into Istanbul, Turkey, a couple weeks ago and announced to the world that Libya had a new government, one that she personally approved…well, what would any government be if she didn’t personally approve of it? The Libyans didn’t take a vote concerning their new government and Libyan President (or whatever he is) Qaddafi didn’t resign or appoint it, but there it was – signed sealed and delivered by Hillary of derring-do fame when she dodged those bullets in the sniper infested fields of Bosnia, circa 1996. Don’t believe it? Just check the campaign of 2008 for all the grisly particulars.

This new government is something called the Transitional National Council (TNC), though it doesn’t seem likely that anyone quite knows who runs the thing, how it’s financed, and exactly how Hillary decided it was just the cat’s meow for improving not only Libya but the whole world, which is in her hand. Take that, you fundamentalists! You thought the whole world was in God’s hand, you cretins! Now you know, so shape up.

Seems that a “gang of thirty,” with Hillary presumably the main equal among equals scrounged from various and assorted governments, had met about four times to decide about Qaddafi, whom President Obama said back in March would have no country to rule in “days, not weeks,” courtesy the U.S. Air Force. It’s been about 140 days since then, but what’s a month here or there (or even a year) when Obamessiah has made a pronouncement from the sacred press-room of the White House? Actually, the gang-of-thirty ostensibly met to decide about the makeup of the post-Qaddafi era, but Qaddafi hasn’t accommodated the group yet by providing the post to its era.

Why have a TNC, in the first place? Libyans will do what Muslims do all the time anyway, i.e., fight among themselves, so what does it matter what the government, if any, is? Hillary’s husband knows beyond a doubt what is is. For one thing, if a new Libya government installed by Hillary et al takes over, couldn’t it just take all of Libya’s now-frozen assets and spend them…on the Libyans, of course, at least that part that doesn’t go into those deep bureaucratic pockets. But what would the ever hovering United Nations think of such a robbery, seeing as how the TNC doesn’t signify there? Only the Shadow (and Hillary) knows.

It seems that at least 32 nations are in it with Hillary/Barack against poor old Qaddafi. In fact, Germany has loaned (or will loan) $144 million to the Libyan rebels, who presumably will divvy it up amongst themselves…and why not? After all, Libya was a disaster area for Germany in World War II. Not even the mighty Rommel could defeat the Brits and Patton. It’s payback time. A “Group of Fifteen,” including Clinton, will also coordinate aid for Libya, which, being translated, means Uncle Sugar will be doling out billions to pay off some entity for being nice, as per usual in these matters of high diplomacy.

But…why not? Obama is on track to spend a total of 1.1 billion taxpayer-dollars by the end of September in the ongoing effort of “leading NATO from behind” in killing enough Libyans to make even Qaddafi think twice. There’s no telling how many innocent Libyans U.S. and NATO forces have killed since 19 March, but, after all, they’re killing Libyans in order to keep Qaddafi from killing Libyans. So, it makes perfect sense – right?

Left to their own devices, Qaddafi and the rebels probably would have made some kind of peace by now – Mid-east peace, that is, which essentially means fighting until neither side has anything to gain and everything to lose – of what’s left, of course, if anything. This is what’s going on in Syria and Yemen now, but nothing has been heard from the gang-of-thirty about those places. Meanwhile, in liberated Tunisia and Egypt, folks have chosen up sides predictably and set about doing each other in…perfectly normal for Muslim countries. The Egyptian army and police have just cleared the squatters out of Tahrir Square, that veritable bastion of niceness earlier this year. Can Camelot be far behind?

So…Hillary has approved a new government for Libya…hallelujah! The top general in the rebel force, presumably TNC to the core, has just been assassinated, unfortunately, so what else is new? He wasn’t killed by Qaddafi…he was killed by members of his own rebel army…so go figure. Surely Hillary will come to the rescue and surely goodness and mercy will follow Libya all the days of its life. So there, all you fundamentalists! Hillary leads through the green pastures to the still waters.