Hillary the HYPOCRITE

There are some things that, just on the basis of disgust, almost induce vomiting. One such thing happened on 26 August as the result of watching Hillary Clinton via a TV news broadcast, making a speech as if to a group of first-graders (aggravatingly condescending) regarding the Roanoke shootings. Her attempt at solemnity was so artificial as to be demeaning. Of course, she said we just HAVE to do something about guns or people who shoot them or whatever, the usual “progressive” claptrap.

As I watched, I kept remembering the scene at Andrews Air Force Base when she and the president met the relatives of the four men who were murdered in the Benghazi Massacre and regaled them with tales of the sacrifice of their loved ones having occurred as the result of “protests” caused by a silly 11-minute film about Mohammad by someone no one had heard of. Both she and the president knew they were LYING, trying vainly to effect a coverup for the negligence of the State Department presided over by Hillary and totally conducted by Obama.

The PREVARICATING had begun in the Rose Garden shortly before when Clinton and Obama, with straight solemn faces, LIED to the press and people assembled, as well as to the nation via the media, in regurgitating that same SUBTERFUGE about the unheard of film-maker, who not long after landed in a U.S. jail, whether he belonged there or not due to some other factors. Oh yeah...let justice roll down like a river—the State Secretary must be protected at all costs from a hideous scandal. They were not long in that little act of FRAUD in the Rose Garden, since the prez had just stopped by on his way to an Andrews flight for a California “whoopee” fundraiser and just had to go.

The intrepid State Secretary and president were so brave in that matter that they sent out the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice (now...you guessed it...head of the NSA), to parrot that same FABRICATION on five Sunday-morning talk-shows days after the fact, thus compounding the LIE into the BIG LIE, big enough that told often enough in enough places would surely become the truth...except that it didn't, even though the president tried to palm that same UNTRUTH off on the UN in a speech two weeks after the fact. No one—certainly not the president—has ever said where Obama was on the night of the Benghazi affair. One hopes he wasn't an Ashley Madison subscriber.

LYING is one of Clinton's most prominent attributes. She manufactured a WHOPPER in 2008 when she vividly described in New Hampshire how she had to run for her life in Bosnia in 1996, lest snipers blow her away. Actually, she was met at the airport by officials and a little girl holding out flowers to welcome a U.S. good lady. This was all on film but it apparently never occurred to her that she would be found out, whereupon when she was she said something like she had “misspoken.” She was the first lady then perhaps taking a vacation with Chelsea at taxpayer expense and dropping by the Tuzla Airbase.

Then, there was the “Petraeus Affair,” not the one concerning his mistress but the one that happened in a Senate hearing in 2008 in which Clinton said one must “suspend belief” when General Petraeus spoke. She called the general a LIAR to his face and in front of the other senators as well as the public since the whole shebang was televised. One wonders at the gall it took to do that until one remembers she was in campaign mode for the presidency.

Perhaps worse even than these breaches of the public trust is the fact that she conducted national and international business for four years in heading the State Department not through her government computer but through her private computer and very own server. This was unconscionable, SECRECY beneath contempt, but she apparently felt that she was above the law and accountable only to herself. With this background added to the others mentioned, she expects citizens to vote her into being the president and—worse—commander-in-chief. Just the thought of that is enough to cause another physical upset.

But the Clintons should take heart. According to ABC's Jonathan Karl on 28 August, hubby Bill picked up more than a cool $48 million in speaking fees while Hillary was State Secretary. And that's no LIE.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark