So Hillary Clinton will make her breathtaking declaration for the presidency...by social media? Well, of course! With her record of deception, looking folks squarely in the eye can maybe drag attention from the teleprompter and (gasp) make her susceptible to screeching out what she really thinks. That's sorta like Obama going off-script sometimes and unintentionally expressing his various biases/bigotries/whatever. Currently, he uses “prayer breakfasts” to go off script and vent his spleen on folks like mean-spirited Baptists.

Hillary can just tweet her cause, hopefully with some bright soul to keep her from typing an untruth, like the time she came under sniper fire in Bosnia and had to run for it, dragging Chelsea along, of course. She had tears flowing in New Hampshire when she told that tale in 2008. She assumed NH folks were too gullible not to see through that. Egad! Social media, of course, is just a one-way gimmick, so she won't have to take questions concerning things like where she, as State Secretary, was when Benghazi was burning or what she did in real time then or why she lied so pensively, along with Obama in the Rose Garden, about that subject. One shudders to think about another Clinton presidency.

One More Try

She said she would be president
...Again...she said that once before,
But much worse now the government
And she alone could it restore
To once proud place of prominence
Among the nations looking West
For leadership of competence,
And she knows she would be the best.

Prevarication she had made
An art-form extraordinaire
And so she told her staff...dismayed...
To fix that problem if they care
To stay in line as top gofers
Or find pink slips instead of checks,
And then she lined up new offers
For Arab sheiks and their huge checks.

State Secretary was her gig,
A sort of consolation prize,
When she lost out though not too big
That other time to save demise
From politics – her lifelong love –
She milked it for all it could buy,
All other things she said to shove,
For one last shot she had to try.

She mostly spent her time elsewhere
And logged a million miles or so,
The Air Force flew her everywhere
To meet big shots...stay on the go;
State Secretaries mostly do
What presidents see fit to cite,
So...in her case she mostly flew...
And in that way stayed out of sight.

Would Clinton be Obama-lite,
Disciple of “Goddam us” Wright,
Urge men in marriage to unite,
With Wall Street buddies be quite tight,
Bring back Whitewater's weird clambake
With new interns so circumspect?
“What difference does it now make?”
...Is that the motto to expect?

Some say that it is now her turn,
She is a woman, after all,
Though lied about Benghazi's burn
But just four died...a deal too small
To even give a second thought
Like e-mails just erased for good,
The country's secrets...sold and bought –
She “Gruber-thinks” folks' brains are wood.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark