HOURGLASS and Other Poems

by James L. Clark

The poems in this collection have to do with the passing of time—its relentlessness, speed and events—and people facing sadness, humor, joy, social upheavals such as wars, inequities, corruption, goodness, apprehensions about life and death, love, hatred, dreams, disappointments, fears, injustices, blessings, sacrifice, sloth, industriousness, physical impairments/strengths, spirituality, God, worry, specific battles in various wars, elation, jealousy, greed, generosity, meanness, aging—in short, the everyday happenings/abstractions that, totaled, simply make life what it is for everyone, both individually and collectively.
While the book includes both free verse and traditional poetry as currently defined consensually, most of the poems feature rhythm and rhyme, not the sing-song type of thing, but serious and consistent style presenting subjects in a manner conducive to reading them aloud and remembering. Though this is a departure from the styles mostly in vogue today, it features form that has withstood the testing of time while demanding more of the creator, just as in the case, perhaps, of classical music – perhaps an interesting change of pace for the reader.

HOURGLASS and Other Poems

ISBN: 9780595288205 (paperback)

ISBN: 9780595658794 (cloth)

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