Hedonism, Anyone?

His critics in the Democrat Party – like Senator “Leaky” Leahy – worried that George Bush was gathering too much power to the presidency; however, Bush was small potatoes when compared to Obamessiah, who has just decreed that same-sex partners of employees at the federal trough will get the same benefits as married partners. Thus, another blow at states’ rights has been delivered, since well over half the states have Constitutional fiats describing marriage as between a man and woman. It’s safe to say that in those states there also are laws on the books prohibiting benefits to same-sex partners.

This is the “change” the Great Deliverer promised – the direct approval of the perverted homosexual unnatural acts that are the bane of civility and the stuff of venality. This is the shot across the bow at the military leaders who insist that homosexual behavior – actually homosexuals themselves – is/are not to be accommodated in the nation’s fighting forces. The reasons are too obvious for elaboration here, and only the dumbest would wonder why.

It goes much deeper than that…right straight to the nation’s finances. Taxpayers will now be paying for some homosexual to be a lay-about while his “partner” gets the goodies for him that a heterosexual employee earns for his family…at least as long as the two “gay partners” have a “loving” relationship. The homosexuals have no worry about children or anything else. They have only themselves to preen over. Now, the government will subsidize their perversion, and all the straights can just eat cake. This is so disgusting that it’s hard to imagine…and would never have been brought about until someone who has the gall to use three Air Force planes and crews, with all the other necessary adjuncts, to have a night on the town in the Big Apple.

It’s the reparations thing, Stupid! The HLBGT gang says it has been…well…enslaved, put upon, cheated out of its share. Where has this been heard? It’s been heard from the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Obamessiah’s mentor, the source of his book-title, who recently stated that all those Jews around “him who walks on water” won’t let the good reverend speak to his protégé. Of course, 20 of the 21 czars whom Obama has appointed to actually run the government and report directly to him ARE Jews (at least that’s been reported), not that there’s anything wrong with that, so the rev may be right. It’s payback time for those who mean to be parasites.

It goes deeper than that. Just as all the great empires rotted out from within, so now is a democracy – the U.S. – in the process of rotting out. This approval of some of the most depraved, heinous behavior imaginable – homosexual and bisexual or tri-sexual practices – goes way beyond the pale, notwithstanding how politically incorrect it is to say so. One does well to read up on the ancient Greeks and Romans to discover the magnitude of degrading practices, especially with what was done to boys by the men in power, and connect the dots in the self-destruction of those governments caused by a rampant hedonism.

From the head honchos of the Taliban came a list of 30 rules a while back. This is from The Guardian of December 2006, with adjunct reporting by the Associated Press: “Rule 19 says that mujahedeen may not take young boys without facial hair onto the battlefield - or into their private quarters, an attempt to stamp out the sexual abuse of young boys, a problem that is widely known in southern Afghanistan but seldom discussed.” This is not surprising, considering the abuse the Taliban affords its women. The Taliban is as rotten as the perverts of old.

Giving the stamp of approval to unnatural/depraved erotic practices through awarding its practitioners with monetary gains is a sign of hedonism serious enough to shake any right-thinking person’s contemplation about where this nation is headed under its current leadership, a leadership so anti-American as to be scorned as traitors.

The founding fathers worried about federalism and a central government that could usurp rights that should be held by the states. It’s obvious now that states’ rights mean nothing to Obama and his gang of elitists, with mental capacities not rising above the instincts of community-organizers, Obama’s stock-in-trade, interpreted by him when he mentioned “spreading around the wealth.” This country’s in for a very bad ride as these governmental hooligans bankrupt it and then try to take it over.

The PBS-TV offering on 16 June concerning what actually happened prior to the “bank bailout” of $700 billion last fall was instructive. Governmental high-handedness reached a new low in that affair, though the bankers had already been swimming in the swill of their own greed, both parties being equally slimy. One wonders how long it will be before enough people take enough notice to then take to the streets. Citizens will soon be told what to buy, what to drive, what to eat, where to go…and to ante-up, since Obamessiah’s commissioned all the new programs imaginable, with nothing to pay for them except soon-to-be-enacted tax ripoffs. HEDONISM – that’s the new name of the game. It’s un-American but it’s CHANGE, Stupid!