The Hillary & John Circus

It's almost funny to watch the Clinton/Edwards circus all these months before the first primary is held, much less the actual election in 2008. The circus features a clown-race by the duo to see who can get to "George Soros Country" first, initially being crowned as the champion of the lunatic-fringe left and secondly, getting a chance at all the money to be had…under, over, behind the table – whatever. It may be that before the dust settles, the two will be cast in a Michael Moore movie rivaling those of the Three Stooges…maybe something called the "Two Mad Peas in a Pod."

Clown John has endeared himself to the Hollywood crowd by ordering up haircuts at $400 apiece (more expensive than a clown-wig) in California and manicures at a fashionable (where else) salon in New England. He's ingratiated himself with all professional hangers-on by collecting a cool $55,000 for a speech at the Davis branch of the California university system, referencing the "poverty problem." Not to worry, though, since the taxpayers paid for admission to that circus…or is it true that students had to pay $17 to hear the dulcet tones and Carolina drawl?

Clown John's plan for Iraq, laid out earlier this year, would (among other provisions) "cap funding for the troops in Iraq at 100,000 troops to stop the surge [too late for that] and implement an immediate drawdown of 40-50,000 combat troops. Any troops beyond that level should be redeployed immediately." He didn't indicate the redeployment destination…or even how the remaining troops would protect each other once their numbers are drastically diminished. One can see the big wink Edwards the clown is giving the public. He also winks at this further move he would make: After withdrawal, "sufficient forces should remain in the region to contain the conflict [what conflict?] and ensure that instability in Iraq does not spillover and create a regional war, a terrorist haven, or spark a genocide." Wow! In other words, head back and re-invade Iraq. Where would that Middle East army bivouac, in the first place, and with its depleted strength what could it do? He didn't say.

Clown Hillary has flapped her size-28 clown-shoe in amongst her tonsils with a gem accruing to her philosophy that it takes a village to raise a child. She says she will see to it that the government takes over the education of the four-year-olds, the better to prepare them for…well…whatever she has in mind. She hasn't caught on yet that the trouble with the education system does not lie with the lack of educating the four-year-olds, but with educating the middle- and high-schoolers. It has been amply proven that reading ability among head-start and non-head-start students is at the same level very early in elementary school. Indeed, kindergartens weren't even mandated in the days when this country led the world in everything from scholarship to consequent productivity.

Clown Hillary has been blinded by her faux spectacles atop her faux grandiose nose – beyond the bridge of which she can't see – to the fact that the Russians decided to take over the raising of the children so they could be indoctrinated while their parents did more productive work, with the result being…well…utter catastrophe and the dissolution of the USSR, not to mention a nation of drunks. She doesn't understand that after Hitler came to power all other youth movements were abolished and as a result the Hitler Youth grew quickly. In 1936, the figure stood at 4 million members. In 1936, it became all but compulsory to join the Hitler Youth. Youths could avoid doing any active service if they paid their subscription but this became all but impossible after 1939. The Hitler Youth (age 14?) finally wound up in the hopeless Battle of the Bulge, there to be used as cannon fodder and something over which German tanks could run while in retreat and mash them to pulp.

So, in light of her special ignorance of the social structure that has made this country great (parents, not villages, raising children), not to mention pedagogy, Clown Hillary winks at the crowd, does a low bow, and falls on her face…or will by next year when the public may be paying attention and discovering that she is a profound socialist and would turn this country over to an oligarchy among which she would be top oligarchic, leading the country down the paths established in Olde Europe.

The most profound thing Clown John said when he ran with John Kerry in 2004 for the oval office was that they had better hair than George Bush and Dick Cheney. At 400 bucks a pop, it doesn't make him look much better than his opponents today, but to each his own. Clown Hillary ran her own circus soon after hubby Bill was elected in 1992 – called Universal Health Care. The consensus was pretty much that it would bankrupt the country, and it was laughed to scorn. The current presumption is that of the two clowns Hillary is ahead in the race to win over and be embraced by, recognizing (perhaps mistakenly) that the base of the Democrat Party is heading toward la-la-land, where the crazies watch the circus and o-o-h and a-a-h.