The “Jonathan Gruber Affair” is a tawdry bit of elitism managed by Gruber, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Gruber helped construct the ACA (Obamacare). Some of his remarks made at conferences in October 2013 at Washington University and the University of Pennsylvania had to do with the need to craft ACA with deception so it would pass Congress. Gruber alluded to the ignorance of the voters (entire population) in not discovering the lies in the ACA bill and therefore giving it a thumbs-down, but he was actually referencing the ignorance of Congressional democrats, since no Congressional republicans or (ignorant) citizens voted for ACA.

Gruber cited the need for non-transparency in getting the act passed, even though both the Senate and the House held democrat majorities. The two instances mentioned above were not the first evidences of his scorn for voters' lack of intelligence. The quintessential irony lies in the fact that Gruber is being paid $400,000 by the state of Vermont to explain how to finance that state's single-payer system. His way, of course, would be to simply enact a bill no one understands, especially the state's legislators.

An even worse example of chicanery in high places in 2010 occurred in the Senate and House in that the democrats admitted to never having read the 2,300-page bill before they passed it, not that they would have understood it anyway. House Speaker Pelosi had no idea as to what ACA entailed and even said no one (ignorant voters, including her) would know its substance until it was passed. She was right and thus added her abject incompetence to the chicanery. Senate Majority Leader Reid messed-up Senate rules long in place to get the act approved at midnight on Christmas Eve.

This sordid affair remarks the rancid means-to-ends which proponents of socialism will engage in order to establish the “nanny state.” Gruber knew—from just understanding the White House—that lies and deception are key to overcoming opposition, especially by people who are not ignorant and will prove it by standing in the way, as the Congressional republicans unsuccessfully did in 2010. Now, all taxpayers are aware of just how completely they've been had and Gruber has helped turn Obama's signature legacy upside-down.

A socialist system is run by oligarchs, few in number and enriched by their demeaning manipulation of citizens by any means in order to get a firm grip on their lives. The ultimate goal is the use of everything from wage- and price-controls to how much salt can reside in a hamburger to when, where and how medical procedures can be exercised, no matter the desires of the sick and afflicted. ACA represents that ultimate control, the very life and/or death of a person. This is what makes Obama's plan, calculated by Gruber, so degrading.

The president knew—as the nation's chief executive—that the basis for ACA was condescending subterfuge based on the supposed collective ignorance of not just the people but the legislators in his own party. His smirking announcements concerning one's keeping his own insurance and doctor accrued to an insensitivity that's hard to comprehend. He knew better, didn't care. As Supreme Oligarch, he, when he discovered that the ACA was not tenable for small businesses and corporations, simply signed executive orders delaying the ACA mandates at least until after the 2016 presidential election. He also violated the act by excusing about a thousand entities from its control.

The will of the people is the last thing the administration and sometimes the courts (also small groups of oligarchs) takes into account. In a recent ruling concerning homosexual-marriage in Kentucky, two non-oligarchic federal judges of the U.S Sixth Circuit overruled a third in insisting that the will of the people, not the courts, is what should be paramount. By both statute and Constitution, homosexuals may not marry each other in Kentucky, and the judges said the matter had already been settled by the citizens. That's called states' rights, anathema to Obama and the federal bureaucracy.

Unless he was lying when he said he lied, Gruber introduced a new term to the lexicon—“grubering!” In this case, grubering put the sad affair on the president's shoulders—complicity accomplished.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark