The recent school shooting in Connecticut has effected the same media response as usual, especially among the cable networks, virtual wall-to-wall coverage along with all the sensationalism called for, such as weeping citizens, whether or not personally connected with the tragedy. This will hold true for days as the citizens there will have to suffer the encroachment upon their time and place as they try to settle themselves.

Psychiatrists, clergymen, physicians and law-enforcement people have been called upon ad infinitum by the media whizzes to “explain” how such a thing could happen, apparently not realizing that there is no explanation for what happened other than that someone either inherently evil or deranged carried out the act. One might as well try to explain Hitler…was he a nutcase or just mean to the bone?

These tragedies could be covered within the first two or three days after the events but the media thrives on them. The first consideration is always about gun control, as if anything much will change the actual fact that people, when they decide on committing murders, will find ways to do it, all such controls on guns or anything else notwithstanding. Laws might as well be made against box-cutters anywhere but on planes.

The president did the obligatory speech. I didn’t listen to this one since the one he delivered at Littleton, Colorado, turned into a campaign rally. It would sound hollow anyway when considering that without any congressional collaboration via Constitutional mandate, as well as totally unprovoked, he brought the force of the U.S. Air Force against Libya (population 6 million) last year and fomented a seven-month bloodletting in which no one knows how many Libyans (women and children) he helped to kill.

There has been and will be no accounting of the deaths in the Libyan massacre, but that nation is far worse off today than before, and there won’t be any memorial speech. One result: the Benghazi affair resulting in four American deaths and a matter so thoroughly bungled by the administration that its mega-multitude of lies doesn’t even register. This doesn’t mention all those guns to Mexico, unaccounted for.


The president expressed remorse
When acting as Griever-in-Chief,
The murders at the school, of course,
Provided need for some relief;
It was a heinous crime – obscene –
Dead kindergarteners so pure,
A gory, bloody, numbing scene –
Young lives so sure they were secure.

Their teachers, too, were shot outright –
One minute, normal…next one, dead,
Townspeople viewed that gory sight
And traded Christmas cheer for dread;
And, as is always sure the case,
The questions came forth instantly…
So, where was God when this took place?
Well, God was there…illegally?

The president did what he could
And sort of blamed society
But folks collectively just would
Not launch a heartless killing-spree;
No one could get into the head
Of him who perpetrated death,
Not least because he, too, was dead,
He brought about his own last breath.

Was shooter evil or insane?
No one will ever know, of course,
But blame, remorse among the sane
Are normal as a prime recourse;
Such massacres are nothing new,
On street-corners they happen, too,
Since as from when mankind was new,
Descendents all its flaws renew.

The president might have a point
Called Culture Shock…with his amen,
Since time is surely out of joint
When men, he said, may marry men,
Since that bespeaks perversion, coarse,
Society can ill-afford,
Why should he not expect, of course,
Perversions all across the board?

Or, when he staged his massacre
Attacking Libya…and for what?
In no way could a threat occur
From that poor nation’s polyglot;
His was a massacre of choice,
Bombs raining down on children there,
For seven months did he give voice
To grief for Libyans dying there?

And so it goes with massacres,
A nation, world inured to them,
Collective wail when each occurs,
With grief cried for the gross mayhem;
But mark it well – when nations fail
To follow God’s expressed decrees,
There will be terror, grief, travail –
Griever-in-Chief should warn of these.