Governmental Stupidity

The definition of stupid: 1a: slow of mind: OBTUSE: b: given to unintelligent decisions or acts: acting in an unintelligent or careless manner: c: lacking intelligence or reason: BRUTISH. 3: marked by or resulting from unreasoned thinking or acting: SENSELESS. All governments have a problem with this element, party-affiliations (or not) or other identifying factors not necessarily mitigating factors. Neither are individuals, except for the very rare ones.

The Obama administration may have a corner on stupidity. Its complete mishandling of the Middle East “crisis” is a case in point. Its total obtuseness concerning the Benghazi massacre of four American officials last September by terrorists points up stonewalling carried to the nth degree, and everyone knows by now that it was designed to save the election—an effort built completely on LIES. It was proven through e-mail activity noted in the current House hearing that Libya’s top-man indicated the day after the bombing that terrorists had carried out the murders and injuries to other Americans.

That was the day that Obama, off to a fundraising event, and then-State Secretary Clinton stopped by the Rose Garden to advance the weird notion that the massacre was a simple protest that had gotten out of hand (actually in Cairo, Egypt) over a U-Tube film criticizing Mohammad. Despite the administration’s certain knowledge that this was not the case, UN Ambassador Rice—the fall-guy/scapegoat—went on TV to parrot that bit of nonsense days later and Obama brought it up in a UN speech weeks later but also weeks before the election. On 10 May, ABC News reported that Rice’s “talking points” underwent 12 (count ’em) revisions, apparently morphing from a CIA report into a monstrous, stupid State Department piece of propaganda signed off on by both Clinton and the president.

The “whistleblowers” (people on the ground and/or with certain knowledge of what happened), who had been selectively shut-up heretofore, have now been allowed in the current House hearing to spell out the damning truth, though, of course, people with walking-around sense knew that mortars were not usually employed by protesters. In the previous House hearing, Clinton raged, “What difference does it make …?” and that scene will be played over and over as she tunes up for 2016 and her expected presidential campaign.

In her 2008 campaign, Clinton made up and repeated an account of the sniper-attack she underwent in Bosnia in 1996. Problem: There wasn’t an element of truth in it. Now, she’s part of the current BIG LIE, a lie even worse than that one. The most pathetic display of stupidity in the hearing was furnished by Missouri Congressman Clay, who attempted to connect Benghazi with the “sequester,” which, of course, hadn’t even gone into effect then. He had to be reminded that a State Department official testified last year before this same committee that there was no lack of resources connected to Benghazi.

Obama and Clinton acted in an unintelligent or careless manner, first by thinking they could get away with such subterfuge, and also by their initial decision concerning Libya, which was to bomb it into the next universe in 2011. In this, they displayed an almost unbelievable ignorance concerning what to expect in Libya—seven months of death and destruction with the end result being a Libya in far worse shape than formerly, all their condemnations of Qaddafi to the contrary notwithstanding. Obama said the action would take days, not weeks, an indication of well-developed stupidity, especially for a commander-in-chief, a title he constantly reminds is his.

Apparently thinking it fashionable in 2011, Obama ordered heads of state to vacate their offices in Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Syria, the clear implication being that if they didn’t he would see to it. This is called “mouth-flapping stupidity,” especially since those leaders knew he was in two wars and would do nothing. Some went, under pressure of their people, who believed Obama, and those countries are now worse off and facing Sharia Law governance, one step below slavery.

Obama went further concerning Syria and announced a “red line” that couldn’t be crossed. The red line reportedly is in effect now but the official word is that it will take time to discover all the elements surrounding that red line—when, where, how, who, why, what, etc., all to be done when the U.S. has no intelligence resources in Syria. Unless he is hopelessly stupid, Obama will let the Syrians settle their own civil war their own way…or at least sit back and let the Middle Easterners deal with their own kind.

The Benghazi matter is not the only area of stupidity in which this administration is bogged down. The big news recently has to do with rape in the military (3,374 reported in 2012) but according to the Associated Press perhaps 26,000 that were not reported. The AP, actually a propaganda arm of the administration, didn’t explain how it knew there were up to 26,000 except that people not allowing use of their names said so. Weird!

The stupidity connected to this is the purposeful mixing of the sexes in intimate quarters like training areas and aboard navy ships (the president has just included foxholes, too). The integrated boot-camp experiment failed probably twice at least, though it’s bound to be used again since social engineers, using political correctness and diversity as primary philosophy/methodology, have adopted unisex as official, and these people are running everything now.

A further example of military stupidity had to do with the erasure of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy over the objections of the commanders in the field (not the Pentagon politically-appointed crowd). This will further erode military pride, morale and consequent capability. This was Obama’s idea—stupid. The commander-in-chief can correct these problems…but he won’t. He apparently believes the American public is too collectively dense to see through an amazing display of stupidity.