GONE SECULAR & Other Poems

by James L. Clark

This is a fifth book of poetry, a genre not observed since the first volume, published eleven years ago, until 2012, this being the fourth since then and including a handful from other volumes. The intervening years were devoted to prose of one kind or another…novels, short stories, satire, philosophy and, of course, Internet-driven blogs. Another poetic endeavor during that time was the writing of church hymns, both texts and music, and a book of commentaries concerning them. Though not by design, all the books in verse have had the element of time as a sort of anchor, perhaps because the writer is long-in-the-tooth. This volume has to do with a time-frame that might be called “secular.” All sorts of subjects are treated though this volume may be more politically prolific than the others; however, all have expressed concerns about governance, particularly in the United States. In the writer’s view, the nation, besides suffering under poor governance currently, is also suffering a moral emergency, with the government aiding and abetting – if not causing – a moral decline.

While sin is defined by God, morals are determined by the individual and each is entitled to his own soapbox…or pulpit. Religion (including religious practices…or malpractices) is also an important subject handled in this offering, not surprising since the writer’s faith is of utmost importance. Also included are short vignette-like pictures in verse that tell a story, some of them from other eras of the nation's history. A number have to do with the threat of militant Islam, which is terrorizing huge populations of the world, particularly in the Middle East and much of sub-Sahara Africa. The writer hopes to at least provoke thought and prefers poems marked by rhyme and rhythm (discipline) rather than free verse, much if not most of which is in the form of short essays broken into segments, with or without punctuation.

GONE SECULAR & Other Poems

ISBN 978-1-312-43870-5 (paperback)

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