The Lesson of Ferguson

The president is now convening bright folks to determine how the nation's inherently evil police departments can be trained to play nicer to their communities so the citizens will love them like brothers/sisters. The prez sees the police as the enemy, joining the Rev. Al Sharpton, the Rev. Jesse Jackson, the Rev. Imam “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan and the Rev. Dr. Jeremiah (God damn America) Wright in being profoundly aware of this anti-religious circumstance.

This became apparent within days of his inauguration in 2009, when Obama, without knowing any facts, accused a white policeman of acting stupidly in Cambridge, where the lawman arrested a black man indulging in a daylight break-in. The man had locked himself out of his house, attempted to break-in, then resisted arrest when justifiably apprehended, but was fortunate enough to be a friend of the top banana. One hopes the prez wasn't dumb in accusing the policeman—just malicious—since ignorance would have been embarrassing for a law professor having the Constitution as his field of expertise.

The prez and AG Holder further perpetrated their war on and disdain of the police in 2012 in the “Trayvon Martin Affair” in Sanford, Florida, even though Zimmerman, whom they accused of murder, was neither white nor a policeman. They didn't realize the facts in time to keep from looking foolish, but Martin, recently expelled from school and doing pot, was shot by Zimmerman as he beat Zimmerman's head against a sidewalk. Maybe the prez thought the insensitive police should have shot Zimmerman instead of furnishing facts that prosecutors used to bring charges that didn't hold up at trial.

Obama and Holder hold racist views but they could at least have had enough intelligence to pick a case for exhibiting their views, intellectual superiority, and super-righteousness other than that of pot-high Michael Brown, who, within minutes of assaulting and robbing a store-clerk half his size chose to walk down the middle of instead of on the sidewalk of a two-way street, attacked and tried to kill a policeman in his patrol car and then tried to kill him outside of his patrol car. The policeman killed Brown in self-defense but the prosecutor, discerning the facts and perceiving no crime, nevertheless turned the case over to a Grand Jury appointed months before and already in session.

The Grand Jury spent three solid months examining witnesses and evidence—everything from three autopsies to scientific facts—and could find no crime with which to charge the policeman; therefore, ipso facto, the policeman was guilty, according to Obama and Holder, who is now trying to bring a civil suit against the policeman to prove who knows what, certainly not premeditated murder, which would be about the only acceptable grounds for a conviction. Meanwhile, the policeman, who may never have even seen Brown before that day, has been forced to resign his livelihood.

Within hours of the Grand Jury's verdict, Obama was on TV prating not about obeying the law but about the fact that police need to present a better picture of themselves to their communities—incredibly insensitive but structured on the racism one can discover by just reading his autobiography of 1995 entitled Dreams from My Father. He hasn't changed. His problem may be due to the fact that he's had all the better of it in being elected to the Illinois State Senate, the U.S. Senate and the presidency— white people. He simply can't look a gift-horse in the mouth...can't stand prosperity. Sad!

It may be that Obama tries to identify with blacks (he's half-white) to prove this case, that he's on their side in hating the police. The fact that black policemen put white folks in jail doesn't register with him, only that white policemen put black folks in jail, never mind the reasonable explanation that the nation is 75% white and the high school graduation rate for black males is 47%. To qualify for police work, one has to be a high school grad, so black males disqualify themselves by the time they're eligible to vote.

This circumstance should be addressed by Obama but he's too busy engaging in community-organizing on a presidential level, using his expertise to further divide the races. A grade-schooler understands that Michael Brown would be alive today if he hadn't committed three crimes (assault, robbery, but not counting jaywalking) and attempted murder, but Obama may not understand...or institutional racism gone amok.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark