Obama/Holder Play Race Card

Last August before they knew any facts, President Obama and Attorney General Holder decided that white police officer Darren Wilson was guilty of some degree of murder in the killing of Michael Brown, an African American, in Ferguson, Mo. Holder dispatched his operatives to Ferguson immediately, as well as FBI agents, to make sure that Wilson was found culpable in some way for Brown's death. Obama and Holder, again without knowing the facts, did the same thing in February March 2012 regarding the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, making sure that Zimmerman would be proven guilty, even though Martin was banging Zimmerman's head against a sidewalk in that killing.

Zimmerman, who was neither a law enforcement officer nor a beautiful person, was found innocent. He was not white but a Latino of mixed heritage. Race, of course, was the issue for Obama and Holder, anyway, both of whom seem to have trouble tolerating people they consider white. Obama once said of his grandmother who raised him that she was a ďtypical white person,Ē i.e., uncomfortable in the presence of people like himóblack.

The prosecutor in the Brown affair, Robert McCulloch, could have charged Wilson with a crime if he'd recognized one. Or, the event could have been managed while an internal investigation was held, with charges made if grounds were discovered for same. The outcry was so great that McCulloch couldn't win either way so he turned the entire matter over to the Grand Jury, which as often as not is the way crimes are handled. After all, Obama and Holder had spoken and acted publicly, so the African-American population figured Wilson would go to trial, a satisfactory outcome.

This, however, didn't stop black demonstrators, local and otherwise, from burning and looting Ferguson in August since the issue was race and Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis, is overwhelmingly black. A white officer killing any black is fair game for looting and burning in celebration of civil rights/disobedience. Ten days later (consult u-tube), Kajieme Powell, a black man who had just stolen some sodas and pastry from a nearby store, was shot ten times by two apparently white policemen in St. Louis less than four miles from Ferguson in broad daylight in front of witnesses. Neither Obama nor Holder took note of this killing, though Powell had no gun, just a knife.

Brown had committed both assault on a clerk and robbery at a liquor store in Ferguson just moments before he encountered Wilson, who was trying to apprehend him on the basis of the radioed description of the robber, who, indeed, was Brown, as noted irrefutably by in-store surveillance cameras. The Grand Jury failed to indict Wilson on 24 November, with the complete evidence of its proceedings now available to the public. Brown also assaulted Wilson while the policeman was still in his patrol car and tried to wrestle his gun away from him.

Brown then ran and was not shot in the back. It was only after he turned and confronted Wilson, refusing to heed the policeman's instructions and warning, and charged at Wilson that the officer used deadly force. All the credible witness-testimonies were corroborated by the physical evidence, including three autopsies, both official and private.

Using incredibly poor judgment, Obama, who probably thought he was too heavily invested in an indictment to do otherwise, made a speech that evening on national television, rambling for some 20 minutes mostly about how law-enforcement agencies need to get their act together and play nice to communities. He made it plain by word and body language that Brown's unfortunate demise was the result of a racist act. Wilson was white, Brown was blackócase closedóracism. Strangely Obama has still never mentioned Powell but his TV act could be construed as telling the rioters and looters to go for it...burn Ferguson, thus creating catastrophic damage to the black community.

Holder's gang is hard at work now to bring a civil suit to claim that Wilson deprived Brown of his civil rights. Obama strangely flew off to his hometown, Chicago, the next day to further speechify and keep the fires fueled. Chicago is the murder capital of this country (408 homicides so far this year), but virtually all the black people killed there are killed by blacks, not whites or policemen. Shortly after his inauguration in 2009, Obama, without knowing any facts, accused a white policeman of acting stupidly because he justifiably arrested a black man...that just about says it all.

And so it goes.
Jim Clark