Enough Egg-on-Face to Go Around!

Never has an administration had as much egg on its face as concerning the “Benghazi Affaire,” resulting in the brutal deaths of four Americans (and possible torture), one of them the ambassador to Libya. There’s plenty of egg to go around. State Secretary Clinton appeared before the cameras to blame the carnage on protesters reacting to a film that had been made in this country exposing Mohammad for the monster that he was. To be the actual scapegoat pushing this lie, she appointed UN Ambassador Susan Rice, who appeared all over TV unequivocally claiming that such was the case.

The president has his share of face-egg since neither Clinton nor Rice would have mouthed their untruths absent his approval. For his further part, he indicated the day after the attack something about intolerance in this country for anyone’s faith…or something like that, his personal opinion that the film was the culprit. Now, everyone knows that the protesters were fictional and that the attack was meticulously planned by al Qaeda, which, for all practical purposes, has taken over the country.

Perhaps goaded by Senators McCain, Graham and Lieberman – or at least with their “bi-partisan” encouragement – the president meant to waste Qaddafi, his contribution to the Arab Spring last year since it was apparent that the Libyan insurrectionists were not going to be able to unseat Qaddafi, and Obama had done nothing but orate, especially ordering the likes of Mubarak (Egypt), Qaddafi (Libya), Saleh (Yemen) and Assad (Syria) to jump off their thrones and get out of Dodge. Significantly, he hasn’t pursued a Libya-policy regarding Assad, perhaps not least because that would be a military undertaking that would make the seven-month Libyan bloodletting look like a girl scout meeting.

This is from al Jazeera via You-Tube of 24 February 2011: “Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, has said in a speech on state television that al-Qaeda is responsible for the uprising in his country. Speaking on the phone from an undisclosed location, Gaddafi said the protesters were young people who were being manipulated by al-Qaeda, and that many were under the influence of drugs.” Nobody in Washington listened, including the self-righteous senators, even though Qadaffi was telling the truth, as everyone now knows. Al Qaeda calls the shots in Libya because terrorism wins.

In his rambling speech at the UN in September 2009, Qaddafi referred to President Obama as “our son Obama” and said he wished Obama could stay forever as president. This was one Muslim talking about someone he considered also to be a Muslim. Obama proved him right when he attacked Libya – one at least supposed Muslim attacking another, something that happens routinely in the Middle East. Right now in Iraq, the Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds are waging their own three-sided civil war. The Muslim Brotherhood is taking over Egypt and will install an unblievably repressive Sharia government, engaging a civil war if necessary.

According to the New York Times of 24 April 2011, McCain expressed fear that the vacuum that might happen as a result of a Libyan stalemate (the stalemate happened just a month or so after Obama’s war started) al Qaeda might be let in. In that same column, Senator Graham was reported to have told CNN that NATO forces should bomb Qaddafi’s inner circle. Did he think that crowd was somewhere out in the boonies or right in the middle of residential areas?

According to Bloomberg of 27 February 2011, Lieberman was in favor of a no-fly zone and McCain wondered how many people would be massacred before Qaddafi was offed and that the U.S. should shorten that time period. Obama’s war, which he said would be over in days, not weeks, lasted seven long months and it’s doubtful that McCain ever bothered to enumerate the bodies involved in the massacre that ensued.

There was plenty of warning – significantly including from Defense Secretary Gates and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mullen – that “doing” Libya would be a horrible mistake. These guys, not the senators or Obama, knew what they were talking about…and they were right. Libya is now al Qaeda territory, with its attack and destruction and murders on American soil at the Benghazi consulate the proof. This took place on Obama’s watch, with apparently little if any intel or security regarding the danger and even less consequent action.

This is from the Associated Press of 23 October 2011: “Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said Sunday [apparently on a visit to Jordan] that military action to protect civilians in Syria might be considered now that NATO’s air campaign [and the bloodbath] in Libya is ending.” You can’t make up this stuff. Some people never learn. Anyhow, the term “terrorism” is back. Homeland Security pooh-ba Napolitano (certainly at the behest of Obama) indicated in March 2009 that the term “man-caused disaster” would replace “terrorism” because “terrorism” is/was such a dirty word. Is it any wonder this leaderless country is the laughing-stock of much of the world?