End of an Era?

Much of the noise in Washington today is budget-oriented, the fiscal-cliff stuff and the inability of the parties to dissolve the gridlock associated with the bankruptcy into which the nation is devolving. This is the most important item for the attention of the president and Congress, and President Obama is back on the campaign trail ostensibly to stir up the citizenry to the point that it will bring pressure on not him but the Congress – okay, the nasty republicans – to just DO something, actually whatever he says.

Much of the noise in Washington today has to do with the “Benghazi Massacre” and especially the sex-scandals associated with it – titillating stuff that will eventuate in a bunch of hearings, though currently it should take a back-seat to the fiscal problems. UN Ambassador Rice has already made the deadly mistake of meeting with republican senators in an effort to smooth the way to a successful nomination as State Secretary. These meetings usually take place AFTER a nomination, not before. She just dug herself a deeper hole, especially since other matters of disqualification will probably soon be front-and-center.

The greater worry, however, lies in the demographics that are driving the nation into a culture wholly foreign to that which has made it the inordinate success of more than two centuries. The brief success-description is tied up in the term Western Civilization, involving economics, art, education and a distinct emphasis on personal accomplishment and accountability as impacted by the freedom to take risk and achieve.

The History Channel has just done a series on the men (not officially in politics) who made the country what it is – Rockefeller, Carnegie, Tesla, Edison, Morgan, Ford, for instance. These people, most of whom amassed great wealth, were ruthless competitors in many ways and had to be finally regulated to greater and lesser degrees by government, but they got things done. Now, people like them are practically regulated out of existence.

The most popular cultural pastime currently is the total denigration of the white male, the collective person driving Western Civilization. He is vilified as insensitive, i.e., unable to “care,” at least in the way and degree possessed by women and minority groups. He is the most tragic figure caught up in the incredibly stupid emphasis on diversity and a multiculturalism designed to bring him and everyone else down to the level of the lowest common denominator.

Political correctness militates against saying it, but the fact is that the white male (white people generally) is becoming not an endangered species in this country but a species destined for falling off the cultural cliff and leaving the nation in the hands of people without the tradition of Western Civilization, ergo, the drive and background to move forward.

The major culprit lies in the demographics. The U.S. birthrate has fallen to 63.2 births per 1,000 women of childbearing age. By contrast, that figure in 1957 was 122.7 (Pew Research Center). This has to do with mostly white women since whites make up about 75% of the population. Indeed, the current rate barely sustains the whole population, much less just the whites.

In 2007 (last available figures), there were 480 abortions among black women for each 1,000 live births (32%). Among white women, it was 144 abortions for each 1,000 live births (13%). This amounts to 312 abortions for each live birth in the two groups, 23%. Whites are headed into minority status, while blacks, already a minority, will join whites in becoming less a part of most power structures. In 2010, immigrants represented about 13% of the population while foreign-born mothers accounted for 23% of all births. The conclusion is obvious.

Most European birth-rates are already below the level of sustainability for what might be called the Caucasian factor. This will happen soon in this country as the white male (Western Civilization) becomes more marginalized. In a sense, this was demonstrated last year when the president completely bypassed Congress (predominantly white males) and sent three women (now a protected species though in the majority) to the United Nations to gain permission to attack Libya. The result of that incredibly un-Constitutional and now obviously insane escapade is obvious.

The election just completed involved the tipping-point for the near and probably distant future of the nation as it slides away from its Western Civilization roots and into a European style of governance – unemployment rate standing at 11.7% now, much worse in countries like Spain and Greece. These were once proud nations that couldn’t stand prosperity or rid themselves of corruption and thus slid from Western Civilization into socialism. This will be the U.S. ere long.