Whither the Nation?

The current flap over the Social Security question is but a harbinger of things to come with respect to the economic viability of a democratic system such as obtains in this country, especially one in which there is a pronounced diversity regarding ethnicity, social mores, educational opportunity and achievement, the role of government and other institutions, such as the church and schools, and international threats to survival. This is not even to mention political considerations/corruption and the damage done by the many opportunists within all the systems mentioned here.

Without question, something constructive must be done with Social Security since by all accounting the day is not far off when receipts into the system will be less than payments from it. It is a hot-button issue just made to order for the pandering of politicians anxious to profit from whatever scare tactics can be employed the better to gain ascendancy in public offices and bureaucracies. At this point, democrats are manipulating the discussion by simply saying there is no problem, translated to mean that subsequent generations can be worried about it since to do anything substantive now might cost a chance to regain the presidency and Congress. Republicans are wringing their collective hands because they’re being expected by the White House to do something, thus taking a chance on being turned out of office by individuals or groups claiming to be potentially abused. Ignorance is the most damning aspect of the whole matter.

The question to which Social Security points is the much larger one having to do with the social viability of the populace, not least because individual and group actions impinge constantly upon the public treasury, as well as upon the ability of people to “get along” or at least not be at each other’s throats. The nation IS at a crossroads of sorts, the same one that European nations have already encountered and consequently chosen socialism, to greater and lesser extents, as the route to take. Taking into account that none of these nations is blessed or cursed (depending on one’s take) with the many types of diversity extant in this country, one has to conclude that they should have fewer problems of lesser magnitude than would be expected to arise in the USA, their more homogeneous societies surely susceptible to less hassle than one in which greatly differing ideas by a proliferation of sub-groups could be expected to create a sort of chaos, even if fairly well managed. This, however, does not seem to be the case, as most social and economic pointers indicate. Socialism (cradle to the grave management by government) has worked to the extent that Europeans are not starving, even though health services are greatly inferior to those in this country, never mind the huge taxes needed to support it and everything else, but has perhaps robbed the individual citizen of the incentive that always ends in accomplishment and/or enrichment.

There is cause for alarm in this country, however, in the fact that a permanent underclass has been established, if not purposefully de jure, at least de facto. This underclass is burgeoning not least because the laws and apparently the current social mores of the land encourage its growth, whether purposefully or not. There are many reasons and/or examples contributing to this circumstance. For instance: Concerning live births per 1,000 of unmarried women between 15 and 44 years of age, there were 14 in 1970 among whites and 39 in 2002; 96 and 66 for blacks, respectively (but said to be 70% of all black births now); and 88 for Hispanics in 2002. Eleven percent of all births in 1970 were illegitimate; that number is now 34%. Among whites, the percentage has quintupled since 1970 and risen from 38% to 70% among blacks, nearly doubling. These trends constitute a cocked gun with respect to murdering the economy if they are encouraged through the current philosophy, which is simply the Handout. The children involved in this humongous disregard for the sanctity of life are headed in ever increasing numbers for the dole and worse, as documented daily in papers everywhere – unspeakable abuse and tortured death in a multitude of cases. This is not even to mention the 43-45 million abortions carried out since Roe/Wade in 1973. The mind boggles at joining those figures with those above in terms of the drag on society.

The fad in public schools is to encourage the use of condoms. This emanates from the decision by today’s social engineers that the little darlings cannot keep their pants on, should not keep them on lest they somehow be emotionally scarred by so-called peer pressure, and should pooh-pooh any suggestion of abstinence since that smacks of religion, notwithstanding that as a practical matter it simply exemplifies plain, common sense. Condoms are often not employed (perhaps seldom), even if available, when adolescent hormones as well as those of the 20- and 30-somethings are raging, and they fail 14 percent of the time anyway, odds too great to defy. The resulting offspring, very often, are destined to become terribly expensive wards of the state, regardless of the age of the fornicators, whether as welfare recipients or participants in the justice system. Again, this is not even to mention the social diseases, especially HIV/AIDS, that eventuate from this animal behavior and which cause great expense to governmental and private agencies attempting to handle the problems accruing almost exclusively to promiscuity. Until the populace, as a whole, determines to live by a higher standard of civility and becomes unwilling to countenance this circumstance, the citizens will pay through the nose.

The above is but one example of the dangers the nation faces, i.e., the seeming willingness of the society to accept as normal a pattern of behavior that, with its terrible cost in treasure and life, runs counter to the very concept of family, cornerstone of the democratic model, resulting from the notion exploded from the 60s-70s era that if it feels good, do it, never mind the consequences. This has nothing to do with religion, only with common sense. Those who came of age in that era have been in charge of the nation’s institutions, beginning in the 80s. Some have matured and seen the error of that philosophy, but many have not. Schools, government, churches and other agencies/institutions have suffered through this era. It has cost the nation financially and socially. The time has come to get back on the track.