European Layabouts - the Cost

Regardless of what happens in Iraq in the next few months, the effort there will have been worth it. The president’s plan for a “resurgence” may or may not work, but the marker has been made distinct to the world that this country – at least under current leadership – has both the will and the resources to not only protect itself locally (no terrorist attacks since 9/11), but to aggressively fight Islamic terrorism worldwide in order to keep its evil practitioners at bay. Ancillary to its success is the protection of the citizens/governments of other countries who/that are too cowardly (olde Europe, except Britain, for instance) or too lacking in resources to make the fight.

There will be a day of reckoning, and those who have refused to make the fight and share the loss of both blood and treasure may wish they had been pragmatic instead of self-serving. The consensus of the most highly developed intelligence services in the world determined that Saddam had WMD in 2002. In this corner, it is believed he moved the stuff out in the winter of 2002-03, probably to Syria. The developed nations had every reason to join in a coalition with Bush 43 to eradicate Saddam, just as they did in conjunction with both the UN and Bush 41 in 2001 to drive the butcher from Kuwait, from where he would have attacked the entire Arabian Peninsula – principally Saudi Arabia – and cornered the world’s oil market if not stopped.

The European nations may have thought they were too close to the Middle East Islamic cutthroats to take a chance on retaliation, but they would have been wise to join the USA and Britain in the Iraqi effort for that very reason – to keep terrorists at bay, no matter where they are, especially if they’re in the neighborhood. France, with an active troop-strength of 255,000 and slightly smaller than Texas, lies just across the Mediterranean Sea from Algeria (about 400-500 miles), with an active troop strength of 137,500. Already 10% Muslim, French whites’ birthrate can’t sustain whiteness while the Muslims easily out-breed them and are gradually taking over the country, constant rioting being another tool of choice – terrorism.

The government-mandated religion in Algeria is Sunni Muslim and 99% of Algerians are Sunnis, so the potential problem for France is horrendous, from both within the country and just across the pond. This being the case, the French, when push comes to shove – as it surely will – will look to the United States for help (claiming the best interests of the USA, of course), but may find that this government feels it owes them nothing – absolutely not a replay of World Wars I and II.

Spain, slightly larger than California, baled from Iraq after one bombing that involved only a fraction of the innocents killed in this country on 9/11. Apparently the Spanish have forgotten that the Muslims (Moors) conquered Spain in the mid-700s and were not completely driven out until 1492. The government of Morocco – just eight miles across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain – is officially Muslim (as well as 99% of the population) and boasts an active troop-strength of 200,800, compared to that of Spain, just over 147,000. If the Islamic terrorists succeed through fomenting their terrorism in Iraq or anywhere in the Middle East, the terrorists in North Africa – Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, all officially Muslim by governmental fiat – will be emboldened to work their will across the Mediterranean.

Italy (slightly smaller than Montana), for instance, is only some 500 miles across the Mediterranean from Libya, though Sicily and Sardinia, also part of Italy, are less then 200 miles from Tunisia. Italy’s active-troop strength of 192,000 is 2.5 times that of Libya, but if Libya is joined by its neighbor, Tunisia (another 35,300 troops), as well as the huge forces of Algeria and Morocco, the war that could be waged between Italy and its southern neighbors across the pond would be horrific, especially since Islamic fanatics have no regard for human life and consider terrorism, the killing of women and children, as just part of the plan.

Germany, four percent Muslim now and owning a German birthrate under Germanic sustainability, would have done well to help in Iraq with its active-troop strength of 284,500, since once a Muslim takeover were to begin, Europe would be embroiled in a bloodbath of immense proportions. By the actions (actually inactions) of “Olde Europe” with regard to its minimal help in Afghanistan and virtually no help in Iraq, the Islamic butchers can be reasonably certain that the united States is all that stands between them and world domination, their well-documented goal.

The catch: America – especially under a democrat administration – would not be willing to pay any more blood and treasure, preferring to use its superior technology in warding the butchers off American soil (including nuclear of all kinds), preferring homeland defense to preemptive operations. In other words, the Europeans can eat cake. Hopefully, this will never happen, but the scenario is far from unrealistic.